Does BlogHer promote backpage prostitution?


To answer my own question, of course they don’t. That’s an old sensationalist media trick used to grab your attention however there is a point to this.

For those of you who are not familiar with BlogHer it is a blogging network whose main purpose is to be for women by women.

Let’s take a step back for a minute. Not too long a go I received a Google News alert in my inbox for an article entitled “How To Locate The Ideal Backpage Providers”. The backpage in question is of course the Village Voice Media owned The providers in questions are prostitutes or as the article calls them ‘escorts’.

I get articles like this all the time because just about any website can be listed with Google News. (Except for single author blogs and I’m not bitter.) But I was surprised to find out that this article was posted on one of the BlogHer blogs.

I’m pretty sure the readers of BlogHer are not interested in how to negotiate price with a backpage escort, where to find the best Asian escorts or how to avoid detection by law enforcement.

What makes it worse is that the ‘article’ is nothing more than spam as the end of the article contains links to a site that is a ‘guide’ to escorts with the tagline of ‘Click here 4 hot pu**y!!!’ I can almost guarantee you that BlogHer would not want to be associated with a site like that. Not only is it degrading to women but it’s also promoting human trafficking and sexual slavery and I’m sure BlogHer does not agree with that.

This shows what lengths that people will go to in order to dabble in the dealings of sexual servitude and human trafficking.