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Child porn bust reveals pedophile network on BlogTV and Tinychat


In London, Ontario, Canada their cybercrimes unit arrested one 30-year-old Jason Bezzo for allegedly having the largest child porn stash they had ever seen.

They say that Bezzo’s child porn collection was 700 gigabytes large.

Like a lot of pedophiles that get caught Bezzo claims that he needs ‘help’.

“I’m sorry this all happened,” Bezzo told McGrath. “And I hope to get help where I’m going.”

And of course we have a sleazy lawyer trying to defend this scumbag.

Bezzo’s lawyer Andy Rady said his client had a girlfriend until he was 19 when he suffered a head injury in a home invasion. He hasn’t had a relationship since. About five years ago, he became involved with child pornography and it snowballed. He was relieved when he was arrested because “he knew sometime he would be caught,” Rady said.

I think the help that Bezzo needs is more and more frequent head injuries but Bezzo is not the part of the article I really wanted to talk about.

During the course of their investigation authorities from both Canada and the US have discovered that there is a network of pedophiles that haunt streaming live webcam sites like BlogTV and Tinychat.

The network convinces kids on these sites to commit sex acts for them then the videos are traded on file sharing networks.

In case you haven’t figured it out by now your kids do not need a webcam. As I’ve said before letting your child have a webcam is like inviting pedophiles and predators into your home.

If you know of anyone that has kids old enough to use a computer please send this post to them. It could mean the difference between their kids staying safe or having their images traded worldwide between pedophiles.

Conn. man arrested for BlogTV child porn


28-year-old William Stiefel, formerly of Torrington, Conn, was arrested earlier this month for allegedly being a prolific trafficker in child porn.

It seems that his want for child porn also took the form of the online live streaming version. Steifel allegedly cruised the live streaming video site BlogTV in order to get young boys to perform sex acts on cam. Police say that he also would get their contact information and call them offline.

Again, why do parents still allow children not only to have their own webcams but allow them to be used unmonitored. You might as well just invite a pedophile into your home and let them babysit your kids.

9-year-old girl solicited over BlogTV

9-year-old solicited on Web site for children:

A 9-year-old girl from my current hometown Charlotte, North Carolina was solicited over the live streaming video site BlogTV. Not only that but it was in their supposedly kid friendly section called BlogTV Junior. A man who was watching the girl’s broadcast allegedly asked the girl to take off her clothes.

The family had a local news crew come to their house to show them what happens on the site.

The girl’s parents showed us how it works. After logging on, we saw a young girl broadcasting from somewhere.

Almost instantly, an online user writes: “What are you wearing? Can I see the pants? Lower the cam.”

Why does that sound familiar? Oh yeah, it’s the same thing that happens on Stickam.

Speaking of Stickam, BlogTV had a similar response when contacted by the news station…

“The live broadcasts in the junior section are monitored 24/7. If there are any problems in the chat, the broadcaster and other viewers can flag the show or contact the moderation team. A moderator is sent to the room within a matter of moments.”

Yet another website with the ‘inmates running the asylum’ philosophy. After a ‘matter of moments’ it may already be too late.

The man who solicited the girl is being investigated.

Personally if I had a 9-year-old daughter she wouldn’t even be allowed near a webcam.