The case of the craigslist blood collector

The case of the craigslist blood collector

(Story broke 5/27/2017)

A man was arrested by Washington D.C. police for one of the strangest craigslist-related crimes I’ve ever heard of. The man was accused of placing an ad on craigslist promising $30 for donating blood for a medical study. Doesn’t sound out of the ordinary on the surface until you hear the man was allegedly keeping the samples of the blood in an abandoned DC apartment. One victim has complained of an unidentifiable rash. It’s still unknown what the man wanted with the blood, but he claimed he was working for a biomedical company that was researching sinus and pulmonary conditions. Later on in the investigation, prosecutors have dropped the charges against the man for unknown reasons, however, they’ve been dismissed without prejudice meaning they could be filed again at a later time.

While there are legitimate medical testing companies that sometimes require blood samples, and some do pay some money, I would not ever recommend going to one that advertises on craigslist. There are too many scams on craigslist to jeopardize your health in the pursuit of a few bucks.