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Tyler Hadley to use involuntary intoxication defense

Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley expected to use ‘involuntary intoxication’ as defense in murder trial:

Recently Tyler Hadley’s public defender stated that more than likely he intends to file for an involuntary intoxication defense for his client. A then 17-year-old Hadley bludgeoned his parents to death and then held a party that he invited his friends to through Facebook. The party went on while his parents lay dead in their bedroom.

So basically Hadley’s defender is blaming the murder on booze and drugs. That would be all well and good if Hadley was on something like PCP but he wasn’t. Supposedly Hadley was on Ecstasy that night. While I’m no drug connoisseur I was under the impression that Ecstasy had quite the opposite effect. If Hadley did take anything prior to the murders my guess would be on alcohol so he could give himself liquid courage. Hadley already had his plan in mine when he killed his parents. The booze and/or drugs just helped it along.

Tyler Hadley heard a black woman’s voice in his head

Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley

Newly released evidence: Hadley planned a second party after killing parents:

Tyler Hadley is the Florida kid who is charged with bludgeoning his parents to death with a hammer before holding a party that he invited his friends to on Facebook. His parents bodies were in the house while the party went on.

New evidence has been released from the investigation and it seems to point to the fact that Hadley was a few McNuggets short of a Happy meal. According to some of the items mentioned in the evidence was that Hadley had planned on holding a second party the next night, that he had an eating disorder, he was a woman trapped in a man’s body and that he heard a black woman’s voice in his head. It also included this little view into his psyche…

Hadley stood behind his mother about five minutes while she played computer games, “thinking about whether or not to do it.” He hit her once; she looked at him and said, “Why? Why would you do this?” Mandell said Hadley reportedly replied, “Why the (expletive) not?”

But I think the real motive behind the killings were good old-fashioned selfishness and greed.

Mandell said Hadley admitted stealing $11,000 from a trust fund overseen by his parents.

Friends of Hadley’s told authorities he had about $5,000 on the day of the homicides.

All the other stuff could just be a teen who is craving attention.

U Can’t Touch Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley

Teen Held in Parents’ Killings Signs Autographs:

You remember Tyler Hadley don’t you? He’s the punk kid from Florida who bludgeoned his parents to death with a hammer before hosting a Facebook party while his parents’ corpses were in their bedroom.

It’s starting to seem like Hadley is not remorseful for his crimes at all. Apparently he’s become a jailhouse celebrity allegedly signing autographs with suck monikers as ‘Hambo’, ‘Hammer Boy’ and of course ‘Hammer Time”.

I wonder if he’s got the prison teardrop tattoo yet.

UPDATE 9/16/2012: A forensics expert has said that Hadley more than likely signed the autographs.

Tyler Hadley charged with first degree murder

Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley

Charge Upgraded For Teen Accused Of Killing Parents With Hammer:

Tyler Hadley is the 17-year-old punk kid from Florida who is accused of killing his parents with a hammer then holding a Facebook party.

The last I posted about his charges I posted that he was not only charged as an adult but that he was charged with second degree murder. At that time I also posted that he could be charged with first degree murder after a grand jury convenes. That time has come as Hadley was indicted on first degree murder charges by a Florida grand jury.

I would imagine that with this new indictment Hadley is looking at life without parole.

Haven’t received any comments yet about how some people think that he should be tried as a juvenile. Either I’m not out there enough of the kid criminal crowd is finally coming to their senses.

More on Florida Facebook murders

Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley

Cops: Fla. teen told friend he would kill parents:

As I’m sure most of you know Tyler Hadley is accused of killing both of his parents with a hammer before holding a party that he posted the invite to on Facebook.

The article I linked to has a couple of more details. It seems that Hadley allegedly told his friend that not only did he steal his parents’ cell phones so they couldn’t call for help but he also spent 3 hours cleaning up the blood before having the party.

As I said in my previous post about Hadley only a grand jury can indict for first degree murder. This shows premeditation which I think will make the grand jury’s job easier.

Still waiting for someone from the kid criminal crowd to defend this punk.

UPDATE: It’s being reported by some outlets that Hadley killed his parents because they wouldn’t let him have the party in the first place. I don’t know how actually true that is but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Tyler Hadley showed friend his murdered parents

Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley

Friend: Tyler Hadley confessed at party, let him see crime scene:

A friend of Tyler Hadley who says he attended the Facebook party that Hadley held after allegedly killing his parents, says that Hadley showed him the crime scene of his parents’ murdered bodies.

The friend also says that Hadley intended on taking the coward’s way out by killing himself after the party. Also Hadley allegedly told the friend that he took Ecstasy before killing his parents. I’m not a drug user because I have these things called responsibilities but doesn’t Ecstasy supposedly make you love everybody?

Hammer Murder: Florida Teen Charged as Adult But Can’t Get Death Penalty:

In other Hadley news the 17-year-old has been charged as an adult. As of today he was only charged with second degree murder. He can be charged with first degree murder after a grand jury convenes according to Florida law.

However due to his age he can not be given the death penalty whether he’s been charged as an adult or not. That’s too bad because instead of a firing squad they should have a sledgehammer squad. I’m all about poetic justice.

Florida teen holds Facebook party after parents are killed

Tyler Hadley (You rang?)

Tyler Hadley (You rang?)

17-year-old accused of killing parents, then throwing party for friends:

Fla. teen Tyler Hadley killed parents with hammer, posted party info on Facebook, say cops:

Facebook is only remotely connected with this crime but this is one of those stories that can’t be ignored.

17-year-old Tyler Hadley of Port St. Lucie, Florida has been arrested in the murder of his parents. Police say that Hadley beat his parents, Mary Jo Hadley, 47, Blake Hadley, 54, to death with a hammer. So far I have yet to hear of a motive in this case.

However the story doesn’t end there. Allegedly before he killed his parents Hadley invited his friends to a party at his house on Facebook. I can’t believe that this kid may have killed his parents just to have a party but I have seen more selfish motives before. The party was attended by 40 to 60 people which is a low number as far as most public Facebook parties go.

Police actually received a tip about the murder and were not sent to the house because of the party itself which again is rare in these Facebook cases. Of course Hadley was said to be nervous and panicky when police showed up. I guess he wasn’t ‘man enough’ to try to take on a cop with a hammer.

I would imagine that Hadley will be tried as an adult and it will be interesting to see if the kids criminal crowd will be his defender. He’s white so it’s possible.

This crime also reminds me of Richard Henderson Jr. who beat his family to death on Thanksgiving some years ago. Same state, just as selfish.

More on this as details become available and time allows.

Dyleski sentence appeal

Scott Dyleski files appeal of life sentence for murder conviction:

The attorneys for Scott Dyleski are trying the spaghetti plan to get their client out of a life sentence without parole. By spaghetti plan I mean they’re throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks.

Scott Dyleski was the 16-year-old who was tried as an adult, convicted, and sentenced to life without parole in the murder of Pam Vitale. Vitale was the wife of famous criminal defense attorney Daniel Horowitz.

One of the focuses on the trial was that some people felt trying Dyleski as an adult was inhumane and that sentencing him to life without parole was worse. I’m not one of those people. He brutally bludgeoned Pam Vitale and craved a symbol in her back. If that doesn’t warrant being tried as an adult nothing does.

Anyway on to the matter at hand, his appeal.

Scott Dyleski’s sentence of life without the possibility of parole in the October 2005 bludgeoning death of Lafayette resident Pamela Vitale amounts to unconstitutional cruel and unusual punishment because he was only 16 at the time, his lawyer argued in a court appeal this week.

The 183-page brief, filed Wednesday in state appeals court, also argues that there was not enough evidence during the trial of burglary — the special circumstance that allowed Judge Barbara Zuniga to sentence Dyleski to life without parole.

The judge also should have allowed a change of court venue because of the local notoriety; held a hearing on the reliability of DNA testing that linked Dyleski to the murder; and should have thrown out evidence from a home search that attorney Philip Brooks claims was based on a “recklessly inaccurate” search warrant affidavit, the brief argues.

Is there anything else? Can we get you a coffee or something? Did you not care for the color of the bailiff’s uniform? Were the courtroom chairs too stiff for you?

If Dyleski was 21 when he killed Pam Vitale this wouldn’t even be an issue but some people just have to do things “for the children”. Even if those children are cold-blooded and callous killers.

Henderson jurors defend decision

Jurors defend penalty process:

This is an article about the jury defending its position on not sending Richard Henderson Jr. to death row.

After hours of determining his guilt, it took the jury fewer than 10 minutes to decide on a recommendation for Henderson’s punishment. Staples said nine jurors voted for life and three voted for death.

The brevity of the deliberations stemmed from conversations the group had earlier while determining whether to convict Henderson, Staples said. Jury members had discussed issues that would affect the penalty phase.

“In looking at it, a majority of us found that the death penalty was not appropriate in this case,” Staples said.

For Staples and the majority who voted for life, these mitigating factors stood out:

• Henderson’s criminal history: As far as the jury knew, he did not have a violent past.

• His love for his family: “Not one witness said he had (serious) problems with his family,” Staples said. “There was clear testimony all around he loved them.”

• His mental illness: “He didn’t get the care he needed,” Staples said, referring to Henderson’s psychiatric history. “Some, he sabotaged or didn’t want, yeah, but he was a kid and there was some responsibility on his parents and society to help him.”

Some testimony during the punishment phase of the trial also had an impact on why the jury did not recommend death, Staples said.

For example, Henderson’s grandfather, Loyal Stringer, described Henderson as “good guy.”

“It’s a tragic loss, but when his grandparents took the stand and proved they could still love him despite what has happened – that speaks toward what we had already thought.” Staples said. “That confirms our belief he wasn’t a cold, calculating monster.”

How could the death penalty not apply? How many of his family would he have had to bludgeon to death before the death penalty applied? If he really loved his family HE WOULDN’T HAVE BEAT THEM TO DEATH WITH A PIPE! He did have a violent criminal history. He planned to shoot up a high school or was the jury not told that part? And the juror basically contradicted himself in the quote about mental illness. If he sabotaged his own treatment then he was well aware if what was going on around him.

It’s not the gravest of injustices because Henderson did receive four life sentences. However I think Henderson more than deserved the death penalty and the jury’s reasoning behind not giving it to him was flawed.

Henderson sentenced

Judge sentences Richard Henderson Jr. to life in prison:

As I predicted the jury recommended that Richard Henderson Jr.’s life should be spared. On that recommendation Judge Diana Moreland sentenced Henderson to four life sentences. One for each of the family members he killed. Henderson will never be eligible for parole.

I’m not surprised but I’m still disappointed. If anybody deserved the death penalty it’s Henderson. However I get the feeling that Henderson will be a troublemaker in prison and you know what that can get you.