Another craigslist killer strikes

Brandon Jefferson

Brandon Jefferson

Back in November 48-year-old Bob Tombo was shot and killed in a Miami parking lot. Now it’s being released that Mr. Tombo was trying to sell a Rolex on craigslist when he was killed.

A man shot and killed him at point-blank range and took off with the watch.

20-year-old Brandon Jefferson (pictured) has been arrested in connection with the murder. Jefferson was allegedly the man who talked to Mr. Tombo on the phone and lured him to the parking lot. However he claims he was not the shooter who is still at large.

Off the top of my head I believe this brings the number of craigslist related murders up to 10.

Congratulations Jim. The body count from your website is at least in double digits now.

How’s that blood money working for you?

Remove the anonymity and you remove the scum.