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NC cop arrested for craigslist child prostitution

Michael Alan Hayes

Michael Alan Hayes

Former Brunswick cop arrested on prostitution charge to make first court appearance Friday:

Northwest officer charged with solicitation of minor for prostitution:

NC Officer Charged With Soliciting A Minor on Craigslist, Filing False Report:

Police in Brunswick County, North Carolina recently arrested one of their own. 38-year-old Michael Alan Hayes was a lieutenant of the Northwest, NC police force. Ironically Northwest is in the southeast part of the state, but I digress. Hayes is accused of allegedly paying a 17-year-old girl from nearby Boiling Springs Lake $60 for sex acts. Hayes is said to have met the girl through craigslist.

Hayes has also been cited for filing a false police report. Investigators say that Hayes reported that unknown assailants shot into his personal car but allegedly Hayes was the victim of an armed robbery. Somehow the investigation of the false report uncovered the child prostitution activity. How the two are connected have not been made public to my knowledge.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought all the prostitution and trafficking ads had been removed from craigslist. Oh wait, the majority of them have but some of them still persist in the personals and casual encounters section. The sections that need to be moderated by craigslist but aren’t. Between the remaining sex trafficking ads and the child predators flourishing in craigslist the website is far from being cleaned up and is still a really dangerous place.

Maybe one day a real journalist or politician will once again press the issue with craigslist.