Idaho man charged with offering 3-year-old for sex on craigslist

Jason Lloyd Schaber

Jason Lloyd Schaber

Sheriff: 39-year-old Boise man arrested after posting Craigslist ad offering toddler for sex:

39-year-old Jason Lloyd Schaber of Boise, Idaho has been charged with offering a 3-year-old girl for sex on craigslist. You know, after seeing some of the repulsive ads that I’ve seen other predators post on craigslist my mind boggles at what this scumbag could possibly have placed in his ad.

Not only was Schaber allegedly trying to sell this girl for sex on craigslist but when investigators searched his computer they found video evidence of Schaber having ‘illegal sexual contact’ with the girl.

The relationship between Schaber and his victim have not been made public to my knowledge however the girl is now in protective state custody. Investigators say that they believe that Schaber was not successful in getting anyone to pay to have sex with the girl. Police also believe that Schaber may have other victims.

Once again I have to take craigslist to task for still not monitoring their site. It’s obvious to most reasonable humans that the so-called community policing has failed miserably.

As reprehensible as this assclown’s actions are maybe this case can bring attention to the still sorry state of craigslist as the pedophiles’ and predators’ playground.

UPDATE 6/3/2012: Remember when I said that I can’t imagine what the ads could have possibly said. Now we know some of it

One of sex ads stated “desperate times calls for desperate measures.”

One of the ads, prosecutors say, had a graphic description of the prostitution plans with the child.

“Hurry before your once in a lifetime opportunity passes you by,” the ad stated.

This bastard should be executed.

UPDATE 10/14/12: Schaber has pleaded not guilty and is looking at a February trial.

UPDATE 2/23/2013: The charges against Schaber for offering the child for sex on craigslist have been dropped but instead Schaber has been indicted on multiple child porn charges which will carry more prison time.

UPDATE 6/15/2013: Schaber has changed his plea to guilty and is looking at between 20 and 50 years in prison. Also it’s been confirmed that the ad was placed in the casual encounters section of craigslist yet craigslist still refuses to monitor it and sadly no one cares outside of me if they do or not.

UPDATE 9/10/2013: I’m a little behind on this one but about a month ago Schaber was sentenced to 30 years in prison. The judge even said “This is one of the most insidious and heinous cases I’ve handled in my 50 years on the bench.”

The mom of alleged MySpace kidnapper speaks out

Misael juarez

Misael juarez

Mother of man accused of kidnapping girl he met on MySpace speaks to KSBY News:

I originally posted about Misael Juarez here. He’s the 18-year-old from California who was extradited to Idaho on charges that he kidnapped a 15-year-old girl, had sex with the girl and convinced her to move in with him.

Now Juarez’s mommy is speaking out for him and guess what she’s saying. She’s using the ‘she said she was 18’ defense for her own son.

Juarez’s mother sees things differently. She insists the Boise girl lied about her age, telling them all she was also 18.

“I know that my son did nothing wrong, and I am sad for him,” Isidra Garcia said through tears.

It doesn’t matter if she lied or not. If she’s 15 there’s no two ways around it.

Calif. man accused of kidnapping Boise girl he met over MySpace

Misael juarez

Misael juarez

Central coast man suspected of kidnapping Idaho teen:

18-year-old Misael G. Juarez of Oceano, California is accused of kidnapping a 15-year-old girl from Boise, Idaho that he met over MySpace. He also allegedly convinced the girl to move in with him.

No word on how he transported the girl from Boise to California, He’s been taken back to Idaho and is looking at a max of 25 years.

The girl had been missing since June. I wonder how close he was getting to kicking her out since that’s the way the teenage mind works.

Boise couple arrested for kid in crap house

Boise couple arrested after child found in cold, feces-covered home:

Ok, look people. I’m not expecting everyone to have a house so clean it would make June Cleaver jealous. But is it so much to ask to pick up the crap off the floor? And I literally mean crap.

It seems it was too much to ask for 24-year-olds Marijean K. Stewart, and Zachary J. Smith of Boise, Idaho. They were both charged with felony injury to a child after finding Stewart’s 3-year-old son sleeping in a bedroom that was 50 degrees in only a diaper that wasn’t what you would call dry. The only heat in their home was from an open oven. Yeah, that’s real safe when you have kids around. And the kid was sleeping near a pile of crap that did not belong to an animal. Well, that depends on your definition of animal. According to police that was not the only pile of crap in the house. And again, that depends on your definition of ‘pile of crap’.

The 3-year-old was placed in the custody of the state Health & Welfare Dept. At least he’ll have a warm place to sleep.

Thanks to Mallory for the tip.

One of Idaho trio pleads guilty

Craigslist prostitution suspect pleads guilty:

I’ve posted about Douglas Winberry, Lindsey McKeehan and Colby Watson of Boise, Idaho before. They’re the trio who are accused of having sex with a 16-year-old girl, giving her meth, and pimping her out on craigslist.

Back in August the trio all pleaded not guilty. However Lindsey McKeehan has recently changed her plea to guilty.

The Ada County Prosecutor’s office says Lindsey McKeehan has now plead guilty to two counts of felony injury to a child: one count of giving a teen meth, and then the second charge is for having sexual contact with a teen and letting a man watch.

As part of her plea McKeehan will testify against her ex-boyfriend Watson. Even with her plea she’s still looking at 10 years behind bars.