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Michelle Dohm sentenced

Teacher Gets Nine Months for Bomb Threats:

Michelle Dohm, the middle school teacher from Thurmont, MD who was convicted of threatening students, was sentenced to nine months in jail. She was also sentenced to nine months of house arrest.

The story was one of the more bizarre ones that I’ve posted about. Even after her arrest Ms. Dohm continued to contact her victims and even after her conviction.

Michelle Dohm still allegedly contacting students

Dohm Ordered To Avoid Contact With Victims:

Every time news comes out about this story it gets even more weird.

Michelle Dohm is a grade school teacher from Thurmont, MD. who was arrested and convicted for sending threatening notes to some students at her school. Even after she had been under investigation it is alleged that she still sent correspondence out to some of the students.

Now the news is that she was in a court hearing today and was ordered to have no more contact with her victims. It seems that even after her conviction she has contacted some of the students she was accused of threatening.

Prosecutors sought to revoke Dohm’s bond and lock her up until her sentencing on June 26th.

Instead, a judge signed a consent order in which Dohm, who is free on bond, explicitly agreed to have no contact with the victims.

This story has become so ridiculously hard to believe that I don’t even think Lifetime would make a movie out of it. I’d almost dare to say that Court TV wouldn’t either but they have no shame.

Michelle Dohm to face judge

Judge to decide Dohm’s fate:

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I’ve heard anything about Michelle Dohm. She’s the teacher from Frederick, Maryland who is accused of threatening some of the students from her school. She will be having a non-jury trial starting April 2nd. She’s set to plead not guilty to the 12 felony counts of threatening to detonate a destructive device and two counts of misdemeanor stalking. Dohm is accused of sending threatening notes to some of the students that indicated that they were going to be blown up. She was also accused of sending additional threats after she was arrested the first time.

Columbine closed after bomb threat

Columbine H.S. closed by threats:

A phoned in bomb threat closed down Columbine High School today. Yes, that Columbine High School. The caller was a male and said he wanted the situation to be covered on CNN. Police searched the school and no bombs were found.

If this was any other school I would say it was some kid who just wanted a day off. Since it’s the site of the worst school shooting in American history it could have come from anywhere.

I know for a fact that there are some worshipers and sympathizers of the Columbine killers, the ones I refer to as mutants, that love sending e-mails to Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis. As a matter of fact North Carolina school shooter and murderer Alvarao Rafael Castillo e-mailed Principal DeAngelis prior to Castillo killing his own father then firing at his former high school.

So it wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out to be some mutant teen from out-of-state who thought he was being “revolutionary”. I would be even less surprised if it was one of the cadre of mutants that I know.

Thanks to Ima for the tip.

Michelle Dohm allegedly trying to frame child

Prosecutor says teacher framing child:

This story keeps on getting better and better…

A prosecutor on Monday said a Thurmont woman facing charges of making terroristic threats against children is trying to frame a middle school-age boy for the crimes.

Friday’s indictment links Ms. Dohm to a suspicious package sent two weeks ago to a Thurmont boy at a residence in the 100 block of Emmitsburg Road, according to Thurmont police.

Coincidentally, Thurmont police were investigating that package as detectives with the county sheriff’s office were searching Ms. Dohm’s home for handwriting samples. The April 21 search was authorized through a warrant signed the previous day.

Evidence obtained during the investigation indicates that Ms. Dohm’s intention is to set up the young boy already ruled out as a suspect for the threats, Mr. Smith said.

Michelle Dohm turns herself in

Thurmont teacher faces more threat charges:

Michelle Dohm turned herself in to law enforcement today after new charges were filed against her. The new charges are further explained…

Two of the new charges involve a Thurmont boy who received a suspicious package in late April that turned out to be harmless, and a letter several weeks earlier, Thurmont Police Chief Gregory Eyler said. The third threat was received by another boy April 21, according to the indictment, which didn’t specify the type of threat or how it was delivered.

If she is the one still sending threats while she’s being investigated then she has some serious issues to work out. She was released on $200K bail.

Michelle Dohm faces new charges

Troubled teacher faces new charges:

Michelle Dohm, the Maryland teacher accused of stalking and threatening some students, has had new charges filed against her seemingly right after new evidence was seized from her home

The Frederick County Grand Jury today indicted a Thurmont Middle School teacher on three additional charges of threatening to explode a destructive device, State’s Attorney Scott Rolle said.

Michelle Dohm, 41, is set to go to trial June 12 in Frederick County Circuit Court on 12 counts of threatening to explode a destructive device and two counts of stalking.

The new charges were obtained “based on additional evidence seized during the ongoing investigation,” Mr. Rolle said.

Michelle Dohm tries to suppress evidence

Accused teacher files motion against police:

The last we checked in on the Michelle Dohm story, the Md. teacher accused of threatening and stalking some students, the police were searching her house for handwriting samples. Now Ms. Dohm and her attorney are trying to get evidence in that search suppressed…

Thomas Morrow, Ms. Dohm’s attorney, said Frederick County Sheriff’s deputies and members of the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office acted unnecessarily and in bad faith by pursuing the warrant, and violated Ms. Dohm’s civil rights while executing it.

Mr. Morrow has requested a hearing in Circuit Court.

“I’m looking forward to see how they’re going to explain this,” he said.

I’m looking forward to that too. This is almost as good as Law and Order, during the Lenny Briscoe days of course.