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Comic of Last Week: Deathmatch #1


Yeah, I know. Most people don’t like my comics posts but tough titties. If there’s a comic out there that I think deserves attention I’m going to post about it and such a comic came out last week. That comic was Deathmatch #1 by Boom Studios.

It’s a truly amazing comic. 32 of Earth’s mightiest heroes and villains are forced to fight each other to the death by unknown entities. The comic is filled with pastiches of some of the greatest heroes ever created. Part of the fun with Deathmatch is trying to figure out which characters they are based on. Some are obvious while others are downright cryptic.

I expected a lot of blood and gore but was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t what this title is about. It’s an amazingly well written title that does a great job of establishing its own pantheon of heroes. Plus it also comes with its own Deathmatch bracket.

I can’t recommend this comic enough and it’s only a buck. What do you have to lose?