Guy binds and gags his children

Man Suspected of Torturing Two Infant Children:

Not a lot of details on this one but 23 year old Jeremiah Scott of Riverside County, California has been arrested after his one year old and 18-week old children were found in the bedroom bond and gagged with injuries to their head.

One of the charges he faces is attempted murder but I was unable to find any additional details. So God only knows what this scumbag was actually planning.

Thanks to JJ for the tip.

Bad Las Vegas Boyfriend bound and gagged toddlers

Police: Children Bound, Gagged By Mother’s Boyfriend:

Kids bound, gagged: Shocking arrest report details:

The dude over there who looks like half of the stoners I went to high school with is 20-year-old Jonathan Weaver of Las Vegas, Nevada. As is usually the case with Bad Boyfriends Weaver had a unique way of baby sitting his girlfriend’s 1 and 2-year-old children. He allegedly thought it would be a good idea if he left them in the garage, strapped in their car seats, tied together with rope, gags in their mouths and one report even says they were hooded. So basically he treated his girlfriend’s babies like they were inmates at Abu Ghraib.

It was a passer by that heard the kids in the garage and called police.

So why did Weaver do all this? According to police he said he was angry about baby sitting and wanted to go to a baseball game.

No word on how old the girlfriend is or where she was but the kids have been placed back with her.

If he likes baseball so much they should hand out Louisville Sluggers to his new roomies.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.