A Bully’s Guide to Handling a Whining Child

"I'm a Bully Bitch"


Man beat, bit, bound whining 4-year-old

The beast you see above is facing charges after his girlfriend says he bit, beat and bound her 4-year-old daughter.  What in the hell could she have done to deserve such treatment?  Well, she did what most girls at any age do she was whining. 

According to the Louisville, KY Police, Joseph Hawthorne has been charged with assault and carrying a concealed weapon.  After he struck the little girl and made her stand with soap in her mouth for whining.  When she resisted he apparently struck her with a baseball bat, bit her middle finger and bound her with a phone cord.  Gawd Damn! 

The girl’s mother called police.  When they arrested the douche bag, they found a large machete concealed under his driver’s seat.   Good for mommy, for acting and getting big fat bully up there arrested.

Now, I do have to say as a mother to a 3-year-old divalicious little angel, whining is something I am VERY familiar with.  Yes, I admit the sound of whining can get a little grating on a person’s nerves.  I do not think it warrants soap in the mouth, a baseball bat or be bound as way of breaking the habit. 

This guy is nothing more than a big fat bully, he is actually smiling in his mug shot, as if he is proud he can torment a little girl.  Me thinks, he’s a whiny bitch himself!

Thanks to Sarah T. for the tip.


I am the aunt of the girl and her daughter your info is wrong the little girl was whinning he did put soap in her mouth and made her stand in the corner with it in her mouth that fat ass smacked and bite this babies face he squeezed her so hard she had bruising on her stomach of his hand prints he smaked her on the legs with a phone cord and burnt her feet with cigarettes the mom was trying to get him off of her and she grabbed a ball bat he took it away from her and beat the mom with it he also smaked her with the phone cord he he held them in there apartment for two days cause he said he didn’t want anyone to see the baby because he wasn’t going to prison for this he took the mom to the plasma center so they could have some money she told the plasma center what happened and they contacted the police when he came back to puck her up the cops were waiting on him.