“I shed some innocent blood”

Brent Troy Bartel

Texas man carves son: Brent Troy Bartel carved pentagram on 6-year-old son for 12/12/12:

When I was younger I was incredibly superstitious. One of my biggest superstitions was that I believed that numbers held power. I would avoid the number 13 like the plague and embraced the number 7. At that time I was what you call stupid. Now I’m older and wiser and I abhor such stupidity. So Imagine my disgust of all sorts of this bullshit that took place in 2012. The biggest one that pissed me off was the stupid Mayan Apocalypse. If the Mayans were good at predicting apocalypses they would have been able to predict their own. Then there was the date that we’re going to discuss in this story, December 12, 2012, or as it’s more commonly known 12/12/12.

For most normal people when they woke up on December 12th they looked at their calendar said “neat” and carried on with their lives. Not Brent Troy Bartel, when 12-12-12 rolled around in the Richland Hills, Texas home of Bartel he decided it was something special. So special that he allegedly took a box cutter and carved a pentagram into his 6-year-old son’s back. I’ve been cut with a box cutter before, not maliciously but by accident and it hurt like hell. But I’m an adult male, now imagine having someone take said box cutter, and why do I get the feeling it was probably rusty, holding you face down and then carving a large symbol into your back. Now imagine that your 6 and your own father is doing that to you. While it may not be the most horrific crime we’ve ever posted here just imagine how terrifying it had to be for that 6-year-old boy.

After completing his work Bartel called 911 and told the dispatcher “I shed some innocent blood, I inscribed a pentagram on my son.” When the dispatcher asked him why Bartel said because it was a holy day.

There hasn’t been many updates since this story took place. At first when I read the story it sounded like another bath salts story to me but I have yet to see any updates to that effect. What I think caused Bartel do this was not only some kind of chemical substance but I bet Bartel was one of those guys who in high school fancied themselves as a satanist even they probably knew dick about the subject. He probably looked at 12/12/12 as 666 x 2 even though 666 multiplied by 2 is actually 1332 so his real special day would have to be 1/3/2032.

Luckily the boy’s wounds were not severe and he’s in his mother’s custody.

As for Bartel he was being held on a $500K bond. What they should do is let whatever skell is the prison tattoo artist and let him use a box cutter to inscribe the entire Book of Revelations on this assclown’s body.

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip. Sorry it took so long.