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Branden Wayne Utley sentenced for soliciting 12-year-old girl

Branden Wayne Utley

Branden Wayne Utley

Geneva teen gets three years for enticing 12-year-old for sex:

I originally posted about Branden Wayne Utley here. The now 19-year-old from Geneva, Alabama was arrested back in October of 2010 for sending nude pictures of himself to a 12-year-old girl that he met on MySpace and MyYearbook. He even tried to lure the girl to a park for sex which I call child rape.

Last week Utley was sentenced to 3 years behind bars. His lawyer and his family wanted probation only for Utley arguing that he was just a “teenager looking for love”. Also trying the ‘he didn’t know she was 12 defense’.

The judge even noted his lack of remorse when sentencing him. I’m guessing the law only allowed him to be sentenced to three years which is a shame. He’ll be 22 when he gets out and will be on the sex offender registry but I doubt either of those things will discourage him in the future.

Further proof you don’t have to be a creepy old man to be a pedophile

Branden Wayne Utley

Branden Wayne Utley

Police in Houston County, Alabama arrested 18-year-old Branden Wayne Utley for allegedly not only sending explicit photos of himself to a 12-year-old girl but for also allegedly trying to entice her to a park for sex. And again if you’re new here I call sex with an underage child what it should be called, child rape. But I digress.

Utley, of Geneva, AL, met the girl, from Ashford, AL, on either MySpace or MyYearbook.

Luckily police picked up Utley before he could rape the girl.

He’s being held on $100K bond as police are saying he poses a threat to himself and the community at large.

Like I said in the headline pedophiles and sexual predators can be just about any age and come from any walk of life.