Illinois craigslist creeper looking for ‘fathers willing to share their daughters’

Brandon J. Bergthold

Brandon J. Bergthold

Cops: Man sought fathers on Craigslist ‘willing to share their daughters’:

Sheriffs in Will County, Illinois arrested 25-year-old Brandon J. Bergthold for allegedly seeking children for sex on craigslist. Investigators say that Bergthold posted an ad on craigslist looking for “fathers willing to share their daughters.” I would imagine that this would have been in the casual encounters section.

Luckily the person that responded to his ad was an undercover investigator with the Cook County Sheriff’s Child Exploitation Unit. If you’ll remember correctly the Cook County Sheriff’s Department is no fan of craigslist. Anyway the investigator set up a meeting with Bergthold posing as a father willing to give his 6-year-old daughter to Bergthold so he could have sex (child rape) with the girl. Investigators say that he pursued this meeting aggressively. He was also hoping to have sex with the imaginary girl’s imaginary 11-year-old cousin.

Bergthold allegedly told police he was also addicted to child porn so more charges may be coming.

As I’ve said before if one man is arrested for trying to get a parent to prostitute their child out to any pedophile then there are probably more people on craigslist who are getting away with it. But still craigslist refuses to monitor their site and still relies on ‘community policing’. When your community consists of pedophiles and predators don’t expect a lot of policing to occur.

UPDATE 6/19/2012: Bergthold was sentenced to only 10 years. Plenty of time for him, to reoffend when he gets out. He’ll just be a little behind on the pedos’ technological curve when he gets but like most predators it won’t take him long to learn.