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Cross country trek leads to rape of MySpace teen

Brandon Neece

Brandon Neece

Investigators say that 19-year-old Brandon Neece hitchhiked from California to Brandon, Florida where he had sex multiple times with a 14-year-old girl that he met on MySpace. In case you’re new here to me that is basically child rape since an underage victim can not legally consent to sex.

Not surprisingly Neece allegedly claimed that he thought the girl was 20. Yeah, like we haven’t heard that one before. If he thought she was 20 don’t you think he’d be a little suspicious when the girl supposedly let him into the house through the window?

He stayed in the girl’s room for several days before the father found him. If they had paid closer attention to the girl’s internet activity they wouldn’t have had to have worried about finding him. Again I have to wonder if they let the girl have a computer in her bedroom. Kids should never be allowed to have their own computers that can be used where parents can not monitor them.