Drunk breastfeeder slashed tires

Woman in drunken breast-feeding case ordered to jail:

That’s 26-year-old Stacey Anvarinia of North Dakota. She was previously convicted of child neglect charges for breastfeeding her baby while drunk. A compassionate judge ordered her to get treatment for her drinking problem in order for her to avoid jail.

Well, she never got the chance to go to treatment because later that night she was arrested for slashing a truck tire…wait for it…while drunk.

The treatment offer was revoked and she was sent to the slammer.

Yet another person who cares more about getting their drink on then caring about their own kids.

Drunk breastfeeding leads to other charges

Woman Accused Of Breastfeeding Baby While Drunk:

This line from the article sets the tone nicely for the rest of the story…

Police said it started when Renee Vanalsburg punched her half-sister in the face.

You know it can only get better from there and of course it does. ‘Better’ being a relative word here because after police arrived at the scene they noticed that Vanalsburg was breastfeeding her baby while obviously drunk and high. The baby’s father, Marc Rush, was also arrested when police found a bottle of oxycodone and tin filled with an unnamed white powder in the baby’s crib.

Anybody want to take any guess what the mysterious white powder was? Since there was oxycodone I’m going to guess the powder was meth.

Anyway, also on the floor of the baby’s room was broken glass, knives, bug poison and spray paint.

Did I mention this happened in Florida? Florida always takes any crime story and takes it to a whole new level. Stay classy Sunshine State.

Thanks to Jinx for the tip.

Woman charged with breast feeding while driving

Breast-feeding, cell-using driver charged:

39-year-old Genine Compton of Ohio was charged with child endangerment for breast feeding her child and talking on her cell phone at the same time while driving. How is that possible without having three arms?

When police tracked her down she said she didn’t want to let her child go hungry. So I guess feeding your child can’t wait until you can do it safely? She should consider herself very lucky that she didn’t have an accident as the airbag would have surely killed the child.

Thanks to Ihavekidstoo for the tip.

Conn. woman arrested for drunken breastfeeding

Woman Accused Of Drunken Breast-Feeding:

36-year-old Allanah Earley of Durham, Conn. was arrested for risk of injury to a minor. That minor would be her 3-week-old baby. The risk of injury would be is that she was breastfeeding the baby while 7 sheets to the wind. I know the saying is three sheets but after you get the details you’ll realize why I said 7.

She was at a bar and had her 3-week-old baby with her. She had seven drinks while she was there. Then she wandered out into the cold Connecticut night with her baby. She went to a friends house and had more alcohol. While still intoxicated she breast fed her baby.

When police finally caught up with her she could hardly stand and was combative with officers. She should consider herself lucky that she wasn’t Tasered.

By the time I was 36, which was only 4 short years ago. I had long outgtrown my going out to a bar and getting plastered phase. One time I went out to a bar and a couple of beers and when I got home my daughter said I smelled like beer. I was so freakin’ ashamed. I guess some people refuse to grow up even at the risk of their own children.

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