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Man from Fargo charged as craigslist creeper don’tcha know

Fargo man charged with luring in Breckenridge:

Ronald Olson

Ronald Olson

Chipmunk Cheeks over there is 47-year-old Ronald Olson of Fargo, North Dakota. He was arrested in nearby Breckenridge, Minnesota for allegedly soliciting sex from a 14-year-old girl. Police say that Olson had a post on craigslist that implied he was wanting to have sex with a child. Police then posed as a 14-year-old girl who wanted a ‘daddy presence’ according to the article.

Now before the entrapment birds get all up in my post let’s see how Olson allegedly responded to the fictitious girl…

Graphic and sexually explicit emails and photos were sent from the defendant to the officer’s pseudonym, where he explained what he wanted from her.

After numerous emails and more than 1,000 texts from the defendant to the “14-year-old girl,” they agreed to meet at the movie theater in Breckenridge.

Emphasis mine.

I’m pretty sure the texts probably didn’t say “You are much to young to be on craigslist young lady”.

Again, police wouldn’t be posing as 14-year-old girls if this wasn’t already an issue on craigslist.

Brooke Bennett’s stepfather arrested

First, before I get into the post I want to make one thing clear to my readers and commenters.

Stop posting links to Brooke Bennett’s MySpace. I have a rule about posting the MySpaces of victims. I don’t. End of discussion.

Former Stepfather Implicated in Disappearance:

40-year-old Ray Gagnon of Texas was arrested during the same investigation that netted Brooke’s uncle Michael Jacques. Neither have been named as a suspect in Brooke’s disappearance.

Gagnon is accused of destroying evidence and sexually assaulting a minor last summer in Vermont.

Now here’s where it gets really scary. Michael Jacques belonged to a child sex ring called Breckenridge. Police aren’t saying if Gagnon was involved.

In my opinion these two investigations are now linked but that’s just a hunch. There’s just way too many coincidents.

If you can stomach the details the police affidavit against Jacques is here in PDF format. (Source)