Brooke Bennett's stepfather arrested

First, before I get into the post I want to make one thing clear to my readers and commenters.

Stop posting links to Brooke Bennett’s MySpace. I have a rule about posting the MySpaces of victims. I don’t. End of discussion.

Former Stepfather Implicated in Disappearance:

40-year-old Ray Gagnon of Texas was arrested during the same investigation that netted Brooke’s uncle Michael Jacques. Neither have been named as a suspect in Brooke’s disappearance.

Gagnon is accused of destroying evidence and sexually assaulting a minor last summer in Vermont.

Now here’s where it gets really scary. Michael Jacques belonged to a child sex ring called Breckenridge. Police aren’t saying if Gagnon was involved.

In my opinion these two investigations are now linked but that’s just a hunch. There’s just way too many coincidents.

If you can stomach the details the police affidavit against Jacques is here in PDF format. (Source)