Let someone do that to you and then tell me it’s not rape

Accused say they hazed, not raped, 16-year-old boy:

Thanks again to Bad Jocks for the link. The other day I told you about a hazing incident that was being prosecuted as a rape. More details have emerged. The accused in this instance are trying to justify themselves by saying that they were performing a hazing act known as “the bandit”. What is “the bandit” you may ask. Well I’ll let the article explain…

In his interview with police, Pristas said the four boys were in the weight room when Pelton and the 16-year-old began joking around. After the two began to grapple playfully, Pelton and Tavrell pinned the 16-year-old down and asked Pristas “to come over and administer the ‘bandit,’ ” according to the police report. Pristas then put his finger up to his knuckle in the boy’s anus. The 16-year-old was wearing shorts.

Someone who goes to this school posted the names of the accused in my comments last night. I took them down for legal purposes but there they are in black and white in the article. Shorts or no shorts, having a finger in your ass up to the knuckle is going to hurt. I think the shorts might even make it worse. What kills me is that these jackasses are acting like they didn’t do anything wrong. And I still want to know what possesses these clowns to forcefully insert an unwanted object into another man’s ass. Will someone please tell me? Luckily the prosecutor is unwavering and plans on going ahead with rape charges. Hmmmmm an 18-year-old in prison huh? He’s really going to find out what a bandit is. And it ain’t going to be someone’s finger.

More High School Hazing Hijinx

Students accused of rape in weight room:

Finally someone has enough sense to call what this athletic sodomizing is, rape. Sketchy details on this one but the prosecutor says…

“It was a locker room incident among boys,” city Prosecutor Kevin Weiler said. “It was not your traditional rape. But there’s sufficient evidence to meet the qualifications of the statute.”

The article goes on to say…

Weiler said one of the accused teens penetrated the 16-year-old victim at Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School last month.

If you put something in somebody’s ass and they don’t want it or need it there then it’s rape. Of course, the defense attorney said it was just a “goosing”. Having something stuck in your ass is not a goosing. I think the victim has a lot of balls going to the cops like this, as well he should. And hopefully, the guys that did that to him will get some jail time. Then they will get “goosed” all the time.