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Brent Clark sentenced

Mesa teen sentenced for plan to hold his classroom hostage:

15-year-old Brent Clark was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison with 9 months served for plotting to hold his class at Powell Junior High hostage and holding a girl at knifepoint.

On March 23, 2007, the Powell Junior High School student packed his backpack with a gun, 3 knives, and latex gloves with the apparent intent to hold his classroom hostage and be killed by police, referred to as “suicide by cop.”

Clark was originally charged with terrorism which could have kept him in prison for 40 years. The plea dropped that charge. Clark’s mother feels they were blackmailed into the plea.

“We were being blackmailed,” said Donette Reid, Clark’s mom. “That terrorism charge was blackmail.”

His mom fears that his childhood is gone and his experience in prison will take his adulthood too.

“My heart is broken.” she said through tears. “They just took my heart.”

I think his childhood was gone the moment he held that girl at knifepoint. I’m sure we’ll be hearing from Ms. Reid shortly.

Hostage taker wants his life back

When the bullied becomes the bully: What made Mesa teen snap?:

It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted anything about Brent Clark. He’s the kid from Powell Junior High in Mesa, AZ who took a 14-year-old girl hostage at knifepoint. She’s been mentally scarred but we’re supposed to feel sorry for him because he was allegedly bullied?

“I’m not a bad kid. I just lost it,” he said. “I just want my old life back.”

He said he was the victim of nine long months of bullying.

“I was suffering continuous bullying from a kid. Every once in a while he would say, ‘Sir, yes, Sir,’ because I was in the young marines and it really bothered me.”

So if you really were bullied and ‘snapped’ as so many people have claimed why did you follow this girl from the school to her apartment complex? That doesn’t sound like snapping to me. That sounds rather methodical. And again why pick a victim that had nothing to do with your alleged bullying?

The school denies that Clark reported any bullying but his mom sticks up for him…

“He was screaming for help,” said his mom, Denette Reid.

“I never thought to address the issue before this happened. My feeling is that if my child has to go to a school, the adults there have a responsibility to him that he feel safe,” said Reid.

“I don’t think my son is a martyr, ” Reid said. “I do know that taking his entire future away isn’t right. And that’s not opinion. That’s fact. It’s not right.”

This is why bullying runs even more rampant in schools then it ever has. Parents are not willing to take responsibility when their kids are criminals. They’ve been taught that no matter what they do they’re never wrong.

Suspect's attorney says charges are too much

Terror charge too much, teen’s attorney says:

Brent Clark’s attorney is bemoaning the terrorism charge and the fact that Clark is being tried as an adult.

David Michael Cantor, the teen suspect’s attorney, said he has several concerns with this case.

One of them is the county attorney’s decision to try Brent Clark as an adult. Another concern is charging him with terrorism.

“I think it’s an insult to add a terrorism charge in this day and age to a case like this — a 14-year-old boy. That’s just politicking at the lowest level,” Cantor said.

“With adult charges, he may never get into college, or a dormitory, they would ruin him simply because of an emotional problem,” Cantor said.

Cantor describes his client as a good kid who was the victim of intense bullying at school. He said it was a cry for help and not an act of terrorism.

College? Emotional problem? He held a girl at knife point. That’s not an emotional problem. That’s an act of violence. As far as worrying about college he should have thought of that before committing a crime.

If Mr. Cantor had any sense he’d tell his client to plead out and he may avoid serious jail time.

Mom says Mesa suspect was bullied

Mom says teen accused in school terror plot is victim of bullying:

The mother of Brent Clark is saying that her son was bullied. I wonder what took her so long.

“What the public does not know is that we have discovered that he has been bullied at school for almost a year,” Danette Reed said. “No one is willing to investigate that allegation.”

That’s all well and good but what does Clark being bullied have to do with trying to take a girl hostage at knife point? Why did he want to kill a girl who barely knew him?

Brent Clark's victim speaks

Mesa victim speaks out about attack:

The girl who Brent Clark tried to take hostage has spoken to the media.

A 7th grade girl walks home alone and when she gets to her apartment complex she said she was attacked by a classmate with a pocketknife.

“He said he was going to kill me if I say anything,” said the girl who didn’t want to be identified.

The boy let her go and she ran home and called police.

But since that day two weeks ago she’s been getting sick, loosing weight and this week didn’t go to school.

She claims it’s just something she ate, but her mom thinks its something else, a bad case of nerves.

The accused attacker was a classmate. Clark and the girl had 7th hour Spanish together.

As for girl who was attacked, she believes the boy might have done it, but she doesn’t feel like a hero.

She just wants her old life back.

As usual the victim had very little connection with the attacker.

For added fun we have some attorney hilarity.

The lawyer for Clark said charging him with terrorism goes way too far.

Something that could ruin his life instead of teach him a lesson. He calls it politicking by the prosecutor’s office.

Well, maybe he should have thought of that before he tried to kidnap that girl. And instead of teaching just him a lesson hopefully this will teach a lesson to other kids who have similar ideas.

Attorney defends adult charges

County Attorney Defends Charge against Mesa Teen:

The County attorney who decided to charge Brent Clark as an adult is having to defend his stance on the charges.

“I thought that was the appropriate charge,” Thomas said. “How it ends being handled by the courts and what penalties are ultimately given to this alleged offender will be determined at a later date.”

I agree. In order to try to prevent crimes like this from happening in the future we have to let these kids know that there are serious and life altering repercussions.

Brent Clark's mother speaks out

Mother of teen facing terrorism charge speaks out:

The mother of Brent Clark is saying that her son being charged as an adult is unjustified.

Danette Reed told K-T-A-R she and her husband called the police on their son hoping to get him help in the juvenile system.

The decision to charge him as an adult upset the boy’s mother. Reed says she believes her son was crying out for help and years in an adult prison are unjustified.

Let’s see. He attempted to kidnap and kill a random female student, he was found with a loaded gun, and he planned on taking the entire class hostage.

Nope, seems justifiable to me.

And yes I am being glib.

More from Mesa

Teen accused in abduction faces charges of terrorism:

More details on the arrest of the Mesa, Arizona teen from Powell Junior High. The suspect’s name is Brent Clark. His name has been made public because he is being charged as an adult. How it started is that Clark pulled the knife on a random girl walking home from school and tried to take her hostage. When Clark didn’t show up for school the next day police went to his house and found the backpack full of weapons and restraints. Clark told police he intended to kill the girl.

If this is really about a problem he had with another boy at school then why kill a random girl?