Pennsylvania predator procures punishement

Man admits victimizing teens, his mom says he isn’t really a criminal:

27-year-old Bret Lepore (bare bones) of Berks County, Pennsylvania was sentenced to two years behind bars for having sex with two 14-year-olds he met on MySpace. Not enough time if you ask me. Anyway Mr. Lepore says he’s not a criminal.

“I don’t consider myself a pedophile or a threat to society,” Lepore said. “I will do whatever it takes to turn my life around and be productive again.”

Several family members spoke on Lepore’s behalf, saying he was immature but has begun to change since his arrest and enrollment in therapy. His mother, Donna, asked Beltrami to keep her son out of prison.

“I really feel he’s not a threat to society. I really feel prison is not the place for him to be. Prison is for criminals and he’s not a criminal,” she said.

Let’s see here. Let me look through the Big Book of Perv Laws. Age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16. Yep, that makes you a criminal. The judge agrees.

“Women are nothing more than sex objects to you,” Judge Anthony S. Beltrami said. “You use them and throw them on the scrap heap.”

Beltrami admonished Lepore for preying on the teenagers, who he knew could be manipulated because they were dealing with “issues” of their own.

“When children are unable to protect themselves you, as an adult, have the responsibility to protect them,” Beltrami said. “That’s where you dropped the ball here.”

He may not consider himself a pedophile or a threat but the rest of society does.