Tot touching tutor convicted

Brett J. Zagorac

Brett J. Zagorac

Craigslist ad tutor found guilty of misdemeanor battery:

I originally posted about Brett J. Zagorac here and here. He’s the tutor from Munster, Indiana who was advertising his services on craigslist under a fake name because he had previously been in trouble for allegedly touching students inappropriately. He was arrested for allegedly fondling a boy he was tutoring. Then he was ordered to stay way from any children and was caught tutoring another girl from Evanston, Illinois.

For the boy he was tutoring in Portage, Indiana he was convicted of the lesser charge of battery and not child molestation. That carries a max sentence of 180 days. He was released for time served. However he is still facing charges in Evanston, Illinois for the girl he tutored there.

If this guy loves teaching as much as he supposedly does is it so hard not to touch any of the children? In my opinion he’s been lucky so far. If he keeps it up he’s going to end up on the business side of the wrong parent who catches him touching his child.

Craigslist tot touching tutor trips up

Brett J. Zagorac

Brett J. Zagorac

Craigslist ad tutor accused of child molesting to stay in jail:

I originally posted about Brett J. Zagorac here. He’s the former teacher who used the alias of BJ Wilhelm in order to allegedly molest kids by posing as a tutor on craigslist.

He was arrested in Portage, Indiana for allegedly inappropriately touching a 5-year-old boy that he was tutoring.

He was released on bond and part of the agreement was that he did not tutor any minor and was not to be left alone with a minor.

Pedophiles being what they are he did not meet that agreement as he allegedly tutored a 7-year-old girl from Evanston, Illinois. No word if he touched the girl but he was being investigated by Evanston police at the time.

So for violating the agreement Zagorac has been returned to jail to await his trial.

I’m sure it was only his love of teaching that caused him to violate the terms of his bond. And If you believe that I’ve got some Nebraska beach front property to sell you.

craigslist tutor touches tots

In case you needed another reason not to look for tutors on craigslist. Not only would you might get scammed but your kid’s tutor may be child toucher.

A woman in Portage, Indiana hired a tutor for her 5-year-old son off of craigslist by the name of BJ Wilhelm. The woman checked in on them regularly and saw no inappropriate behavior. However the 5-year-old told his mother that Wilhelm put his hand under the boy’s shirt and rubbed his back and put his fingers in the rear waistband of the boy’s pants and rubbed up and down. Ick.

It turns out that Wilhelm is actually 27-year-old Brett J. Zagorac. Zagorac is a former teacher that has gotten into some trouble in the past for inappropriately touching other kids that he taught. Zagorac allegedly used the fake name of Wilhelm because he was having trouble finding work because of his past.

So where does an accused child molester go to find work? Why craigslist of course.

You want to be a teacher and be able to find work? Then don’t be a child toucher. It really is that simple.