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Camden, NJ Breeder and Bad Boyfriend charged with chaining boy to radiator


Camden Couple Arrested For Allegedly Chaining Child To Radiator For Weeks:

Police: Mom, boyfriend chained child to radiator for 2 weeks in Camden:

If you’re unfamiliar with Camden, New Jersey it’s a little slice of hell located across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. The local joke is that one day Camden will jump the river and rape Philly. Camden is consistently ranked in the top 5 most dangerous cities in the country and for good reason. Just within the last year Camden had to disband its police force since less than half the properties in the city actually pay taxes. So when Famardy sent me links to this story I was not surprised at all.

31-year-old Florence Pollard and her boyfriend, 29-year-old Brian Craig have been allegedly arrested for keeping Pollard’s 10-year-old son chained to a radiator. The boy escaped from the home and Pollard asked a neighbor to grab him. The neighbor said that the boy was scared to return to the home so he called police. When police investigated the house they found a length of chain attached to the radiator along with plastic zip ties. The only thing that’s publicly known why the boy was chained to the radiator because it was some kind of punishment. If I had to hazard a guess just from the posts on this site ‘stealing food’ comes to mind.

There were also five other children and the house. Craig is only the baby daddy of one of them.

They both should be chained to a radiator and have it thrown off the Ben Franklin Bridge.