Mutton Chop Man Mulled as Marketplace Molester (craigslist)

Brian James McInerney

Brian James McInerney

Phoenix man arrested in sex solicitation on Craigslist

This is another one of those stories that I’m behind on. Anyway, Captain Sideburns up there is 47-year-old Brian James McInerney of Phoenix, Arizona. He was arrested back in Late December for allegedly trying to solicit teens for sex on craigslist. Thanks to the fine folks at KPHO we have McInereny’s ad. Get your emesis basins ready…

“Are you young and horney? M4W- 47 (N Phx). Hit me up quick as I am sure I will get flagged! I am fun, clean and descreet daddy type that would love to play with a high school girl. I can show you things you never knew existed! Interested? You know what to do.”

So let’s look at this logically. The ad poster had a feeling that he knew his ad was going to get pulled due to its content even though that’s doubtful. The reason I say it’s doubtful is because according to the article a 15-year-old girl did respond. Oh, did I mention that the ad had a pic of his junk coming out through his fly? You may want to get those basins again. What 15-year-old girl unless she was blind and no had sense of touch would find Ambrose Burnside here attractive?

Another 15-year-old girl contact McInerney through craigslist as well and the pair began to communicate through instant messenger. On those chats police say that he propositioned the girl for sex and once again put his package on display for her to see. That fifteen year old girl turned out to be the local police. They arrested him at a pre-arranged meeting place.

McInerney has been charged with luring a minor for sex exploitation, aggravated luring of a minor for sexual exploitation, and having facial hair that is a crime against humanity. Okay, I made that last one up but he should be charged with that too.

Again parents your teenage daughters have no reason for being on craigslist for anything. You may think it’s a great place to find your daughter a part-time job but that part-time job maybe living in a pit in the basement of a guy with bad mutton chops.