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Are school shootings connected to Al-Qaeda?


In a word…no. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

School Shootings Have Direct Link to Al-Qaeda, Says Award Winning Writer Linda Rohrbough:

Linda Rohrbough is the aunt of Columbine victim Brian Rohrbough. She says that while doing research into school shootings like Columbine that she has discovered a link to shootings like Columbine to terrorist group Al-Qaeda.

“My first inkling of the connection to Al-Qaeda was when I attended the Columbine memorial service. I recognized General Colin Powell at the center of the platform, in full military dress. He was never mentioned or introduced, and he never spoke. He was just there.”

Further reports unveiled the Columbine shooters bragged theirs would be the first of many shootings. Also, the teenage shooters low-level formatted the hard disk drives of their computers before heading out to kill. Rohrbough wanted to know, “How could they know other shootings would follow? And why erase their hard disk drives? What were they trying to hide?”

Fortunately, in two cases, the authorities got to computers before the low-level format was complete. First, in a school shooting in Paris, and second, when a teenager in Florida flew his dad’s plane into a building. In both cases, e-mails traced back to Al-Qaeda operatives.

First off General Powell was there probably there as a representative of President Clinton and probably didn’t want to be announced in order not to take the attention away from the victims.

Second she takes two isolated incidents that have no connection to Columbine, one of which wasn’t even a school shooting, that may have some connection to Al-Qaeda and she claims this as proof? If this was anymore of a stretch she might have pulled a hamstring.

Lastly how did the Columbine cowards know that there would be other shootings to follow? That’s simple. They knew that because they weren’t the first. While at the time the Columbine shooting was the most prolific in terms of lives lost they were not the first. They were emulating shootings that already took place at Jonesboro and Paducah.

Were there any connections to Al-Qaeda at Red Lake, Virginia Tech or NIU? No.

So why would Ms. Rohrbough becoming out with these allegations now? She had a book of fiction that came out on April 20th, 2011. That was the 12th anniversary of Columbine. Not only does this press release make it sound that book sales may be slipping but the fact that what the release date was smacks of opportunism and bad taste.

Columbine parents call for release of evidence

Columbine Parents Call For Release Of Reports:

Yesterday at a news conference at 11:20 AM, the exact 8th anniversary of Columbine, Brian Rohrbough called once again for the release of all the evidence pertaining to Columbine. Most notable the basement tapes and the sealed depositions.

“How much more blood must be spilled?” Rohrbough asked

Rohrbough said if he can raise the money, he’ll appeal a decision by U.S. District Judge Lewis Babcock to seal depositions given by the parents of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold for 20 years.

If he sets up a fund for donations I’ll be more than happy to contribute.

Could Columbine records have prevented Va. Tech?

Truth about Columbine may have helped prevent Va. rampage, Rohrbough says:

If you’ve been following Columbine as long as I have you’re familiar with the name Brian Rohrbough. He lost his son Daniel at Columbine. He’s been very outspoken about how he thinks the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department handled Columbine. Sometimes I agree with him, sometimes I don’t. This time I agree with him 100%.

The father of one of the victims of the Columbine tragedy said he isn’t surprised that the Virginia Tech gunman refers to the shooters responsible for his son’s death as “martyrs.”

“Because Jefferson County lied so much about what happened in Columbine, they raised the interest in these guys,” Brian Rohrbough said Wednesday. He lost his son Daniel Rohrbough at Columbine. “When (officials) refused to release the basement videos, they created a cult following for these two guys.”

Rohrbough has long sought the release of videos – the so-called basement tapes – and other documents created by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris long before they went on their rampage at Columbine.

“If the videos were released, then parents, schools, law enforcement and counselors would have a benchmark to look for potential murderers, and the odds of stopping this before it happens would increase dramatically,” Rohrbough said.

“The basement tapes and the documents give a very clear picture on how to identify these guys. There is so much information that would help identify these serious threats.”

He said that until the truth about Columbine is told, school shootings will continue to occur.

“When you withhold the truth and you create mystery, imaginations and conspiracy theories run wild,” he said.

Are you paying attention Judge Babcock?

No Apologies

A few weeks ago a columnist named David Brooks for the New York Times wrote this column which is basically just him agreeing with this column by Dave Cullen. Mr. Brooks then started receiving E-mails from Tom Klebold, Dylan Klebold’s father, which led to this piece in Saturday’s New York Times. In it the Klebolds refuse to apologize for what happened. Susan Klebold even goes as far to say “I haven’t done anything for which I need forgiveness.” They also describe the day of the shootings as “a natural disaster” and the Klebold’s discuss the day as a suicide and not as a day when 13 random people were killed. Two quotes from the NY Times article jumped out at me…

They believe that what they call the “toxic culture” of the school — the worship of jocks and the tolerance of bullying — is the primary force that set Dylan off. But they confess that in the main, they have no explanation.

Yet they didn’t kill any jocks and I have yet to hear of the names of any jocks who allegedly bullied them. And then there was this…

“I’m a quantitative person,” said Tom, a former geophysicist. “We’re not qualified to sort this out.” They long for some authoritative study that will provide an answer. “People need to understand,” Tom said, “this could have happened to them.”

So it sounds like to me that they willing to let other people raise their child. People like Eric Harris. The impression I get is that the Klebolds are very self-absorbed. They must be to have missed obvious warning signs which they regretably admit…

“He was hopeless. We didn’t realize it until after the end,” Tom said. Susan added: “I think he suffered horribly before he died. For not seeing that, I will never forgive myself.”

Suffered horribly? At least he knew that he was going to die that day. 13 other people weren’t afforded such a luxury.

As expected parents of the true victims are not happy

“I’m horrified,” Dawn Anna, whose daughter Lauren Townsend was killed at Columbine, told The Associated Press. “I wanted an apology. I wanted a contribution to help us understand why it happened, so that it would never happen again. I didn’t hear it.”

Brian Rohrbough, father of victim Daniel Rohrbough, said he was outraged that the Klebolds likened the day of the shootings to a natural disaster in the interview with Brooks.

The best quote to sum this all up also comes from Brian Rohrbough who said…

“This was murder,” he said. “In my opinion, what went on in their home led to Columbine.”

Now if only the Klebold’s would pull their heads out of the sand and realize that.