Crooks deals crack

Salon owner faces drug, weapons charges:

25-year-old Carlton Crooks of Bridgeport, Conn runs a hair salon. That may be just a side gig after his lucrative career as a crack dealer.

Crooks (apt name) and his girlfriend, 23-year-old Emily Rios, have been arrested for srug dealing and having a cache of illegal weapons in reach of their kids.

Officers then searched his apartment — where he lived with Rios and their son — where they found a loaded MAC 11 assault weapon, two handguns, $5,200 in a safe, packaging materials several ounces of cocaine and crack cocaine.

“All three firearms were found fully loaded with a round in the chamber, not secured with gun locks and easily accessible by anyone in the apartment,” police said.

It’s a good thing that Crooks and Rios have been arrested now as I’m sure we would have read about them in the future with their son either accidentally shooting himself or ingesting the crack. At least this way the kids has half a chance.

Thanks to Heather for the tip.