Right off the bat please allow me to say that I’m not trying to take away any attention from the 230 schoolgirls that were kidnapped in Nigeria by Boko Haram. What has happened there is indeed a tragedy. From most reports that I’ve read if these girls are not rescued they will be forced into a life of slavery.

While this is tragic how many people out there that are hashtagging #bringbackourgirs are aware of the amount of women and children who are sold into slavery every day and all around the world, yes even here in the U.S. By now you should know I’m referring to human trafficking.

Every day women and girls are being forced into sexual slavery by pimps and traffickers but they don’t make news because the pimps only do it one girl at a time. I would lay odds that more that 230 new girls are forced into prostitution at least every day in this country. Traffickers promise the girls freedom in a new country yet never let them taste that freedom. Pimps promise a life of money and glamour but only give a life of violence and drugs. How is their plight any less tragic than the schoolgirls in Nigeria? Yet they rarely make the international news.

So let’s not just bring awareness about the girls in Nigeria but to all the girls who are kidnapped in one form or another every day and sold into slavery. Let’s bring back ALL our girls.