BC craigslist pimp arrested


Prostitution-related charges laid against man police say acted as online pimp:

Police in Vancouver, BC (not AD) have arrested 31-year-old Mark Carlisle Humphrey for allegedly being a pimp.

Police say that Humphrey would use craigslist to recruit girls as strippers or dancers but would then force them into prostitution and pocket the money for himself.

Let us also not forget that in Canada craigslist still has the erotic services section and has no restrictions in the Great White North.

11-month-old busts dad’s pot operation

Tot’s 911 call leads cops to daddy’s grow-op:

A 29-year-old man from White Rock, British Columbia was arrested after police received a 911 call from inside the house. The person who made the call hung up so police were sent to investigate. While there police discovered a 500 plant pot growing operation. But who could have possibly called 911? That’s when police found his 11-month-old son playing with the phone dialing random numbers.

He probably would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for his meddling kid.

Just another reason why you shouldn’t be an asshat that has drugs and kids in the same house.

Thanks to KZ for the tip.

Martin Guitar scam

I received the following e-mail from Bluesboy who is another anti-scam advocate. This one involves craigslist and Martin Guitars…

This appears Sept 27 in Vancouver BC Craigslist (and likely in other cities I bet)

UPDATE – I notice a TON of vintage Martins in the Seattle CL, almost certainly the same guy! “Too good to be true” prices everywhere — I will bait one or two, but don’t dare use same email addies, as I dont want to alert him….

1948 Martin D-28, $2700

“This is a really nice example of the wonderful guitars that made Martin the ‘gold-standard’ of acoustic guitars. It’s a 1948 D-28 with Brazilian rosewood back and sides with the original finish. It still has the original keys, original ebony bridge, and original bone nut and saddle. This is a 60 year old guitar and is a wonderful investment piece while being as fine a guitar to enjoy playing as can be found. These old Martins just gain value every year. Their value doesn’t go up and down like alot of electric instruments do. This guitar hasn’t ever had a neck set or repitch done on it and plays great. I have it strung with a set of regular light guage (12-54) strings and the action is very comfortable, .060″ 1st string and .10″ 6th string at 12th fret, with no string buzz. It has been professionally refretted and set up.The bridge was reglued in the seventies and has stayed down. You can see in the pictures that the pick-guard pulled up around the edge in a couple of places and was reglued.There is one tiny chip of it missing. It has never had a strap button hole drilled and has about average wear on the back of the neck. It has one crack on the back close to the neck block that has been glued and cleated. It can been seen clearly in the pictures. There has been one about 3″piece of ivoroid binding replaced on the top on the treble side 2 inches from center. I got this guitar from the son of the original owner.”

I faked interest, and got a reply from Steven Randy stevnrandy06@hotmail.com


The guitar is in great condition and the price I`m selling it for is $2700, which is including all shippings charges.

I live in Vncouver but I`m currently working in the UK (London) and I`ll be staying here for the next approximately 7 months, anyway I`m using MoneyBookers services so I can sell this guitar without difficulty. I left it at their warehouse before leaving to the UK. They will take care of the delivery with a 14-day return policy so you will have the chance to inspect it before final decision.

If you want to purchase it, let me know and I will explain you how MoneyBookers works and how we can move forward.

I am waiting your email.


I told him I wanted details, he replied:

“Hi again,

the guitar is in Calgary (at MoneyBookers storage facility). If you want to purchase it, let me explain you how MoneyBookers works and how we can proceed:

To start the official transaction, I need your full name and shipping address.

As soon as I receive your info, I will forward it to MoneyBookers, they start the transaction and will notify you with all the instructions (payment, shipping, my account status etc.) One of their agents will be assigned to receive and handle the payment. You have to make the payment using the exact details they will provide you with and when the payment is complete, you have to send them the transfers information, they verify it and will take care of the delivery. You will have a 14-day return policy, so you will have the chance to inspect the guitar and decide either you keep it or not. If you decide to keep it, they will release me the funds, if not they will be responsible for the return shipping and you will have a complete refund within 3 days.

Anyway, they will explain you detailed the entire process.

I am waiting your email.


So, wow, how convenient… my “brother” is in Calgary, can he go view the guitar?

I ask for the “MoneyBookers” phone number, of course he dodges it by:


I have forwarded your info to MoneyBookers and they should get in touch with you soon with all the instructions.They do not offer a phone line for customer support, but they are eager to help in any way possible.

Please let me know when you hear from them.


Ok, so can you spot the red flags?

1. Price cheaper than the item is worth.

2. ‘Seller’ is overseas.

3. Request to wire the money.

4. Avoiding simple questions that any buyer would ask.

From what I understand MoneyBookers is a legitimate money transfer site but it is highly preferred by scam artists.

And now we also have another fake scammer name to add to the list.

Nexopia date rapists sentenced

Rapists will do years in prison:

Back in March I posted about Ali Saadatmandi and Ali Tayyebi, two accused date rapists from British Columbia who used Nexopia to find their victim.

At the time of that post I hoped that they would be put away for a long time. No such luck.

Saadatmandi got only four years while Tayyebi only got three.

I’d like to hear from my Canadian readers. Is this the kind of sentence you think these sexual predators should have received?

Child prostitution in British Columbia

Five girls in care have been selling sex on Craigslist, police say:

Five teenagers in the care of British Columbia’s children’s ministry have been discovered prostituting themselves on craigslist. The teens are 16 and 17 and have been claiming in their ads that they are 18-20.

This is a great article about how the Vancouver area has a problem with child prostitution on craigslist and how it’s almost tolerated.

Nexopia date rape

Two guilty of sex assault on high-schooler involving date-rape drug:

Ali Saadatmandi and Ali Tayyebi of Coquitlam, British Columbia, were convicted for date raping an 18-year-old girl from Chilliwack that they met over the Canadian social site Nexopia.

The victim went willingly with them to party but she was given GHB by one of the men then sexually assaulted her. The article goes into great detail that I won’t repost here because it almost made me physically ill.

Hopefully they’ll be put away for a long time.

And girls, let this be yet another listen to you about leaving with strangers that you meet online.