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Finally someone gets jail time in Victoria Lindsay beating

YouTube beating defendant gets jail time:

In a move that makes absolutely no sense to me 18-year-old Brittani Hardcastle was sentenced to 15 days in jail and three years probation for the videotaped beating of Victoria Lindsay. She also has the usual stipulations of not contacting the media for profit and can’t belong to any social networking sites.

Why it doesn’t make sense to me is that Hardcastle is the only one to get jail time. All previous suspects were given probation and had to write letters of apology.

Was Hardcastle the sacrificial lamb? I have no problem with her serving jail time, as a matter of fact it should have been more. However if you’re going to sentence one of them to jail then why not sentence all of them?

Can we officially call this a travesty of justice now?

Last of suspects plea in Victoria Lindsay beating

Teen Takes Plea Deal In Video Beating Case:

2 Remaining Teens in Beating Case Accept Plea Deals:

Sorry that I’m late with this one. The stories broke while I was on vacation.

Anyway the last of the three suspects in the recorded beating of Victoria Lindsay have all agreed to plea deal ensuring that none of the suspects will face trial.

Brittini Hardcastle pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and battery. Under the plea agreement prosecutors agreed to drop a felony count of tampering with a witness. Hardcastle is still facing up to five months jail time and will be sentenced on March 30th.

Kayla Hassall pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery. Under the terms of her plea prosecutors agreed to drop felony kidnapping charges. April Cooper pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor battery.

All 3 also have the provisions that they must write letters of apology to Victoria and can not talk to the media for profit.

As some of my commenters have mentioned what’s the deal with the letters of apology? For one I doubt they’ll be sincere and secondly why not just make them write ‘I will not beat Victoria’ 500 times on a blackboard. It will probably have the same effect.

Plea reached in Victoria Lindsay beating

Plea Deal Accepted In Teen Beating Case:

18-year-old Brittany Mayes has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery in the video recorded beating of Florida teen Victoria Lindsay. Under the plea agreement prosecutors dropped felony charges of kidnapping and witness tampering. Mayes is facing a possible one year behind bars. Also Mayes can have no contact with Victoria and can not profit from her crime. The judge warned her to keep her nose clean between now and sentencing which is scheduled for March 5th.

Lawyers for Kayla Hassall and April Cooper said their clients are scheduled to accept pleas in the beginning of February. Mercades Nichols and Brittani Hardcastle must both accept pleas or they both head to trial.

Both Nichols and Hardcastle face charges of kidnapping, misdemeanor battery and tampering with a witness. The kidnapping charge could carry a life sentence.

My advice to all those involved is to take the pleas. You’ll be eaten alive at trial.

Kayla Hassel: Mad and sad

‘I Was Mad And I Felt Bad,’ Videotaped Beating Suspect Says:

One of the suspects in the Victoria Lindsay has had her statements to an assistant state attorney released to the press. 15-year-old Kayla Hassel seems to be claiming that she’s a victim.

She talks about how she was mad and felt bad after she saw the video after her release and how she’s had unwanted attention because of it. She also claims that it was never anyone’s intention to post the video to MySpace or YouTube. Right, what else do kids do with videos like this?

Hassel also turns on Brittani Hardcastle by saying it was Hardcastle that was encouraging others to beat Victoria. She also said that she was afraid of getting between the two because of how little she is.

I guess she thinks it’s all about her. Just like the rest of them.