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Mercades Nichols takes plea

Suspect in Teen Beating Accepts Plea Deal:

Mercades Nichols has accepted a plea deal in the video recorded beating of Victoria Lindsay. According to the terms of the plea Nichols faces up to three years probation, 100 hours of community service, she must write a letter of apology to Victoria, and she can not profit from the media. Also under the plea prosecutors agreed to drop the kidnapping charge which carries a life sentence.

If you’ll recall prosecutors said that they would only offer Nichols the deal if co-defendant Brittini Hardcastle also accepted a deal. She’s expected to take a plea deal on Feb. 4th.

History of Violence

Beating Suspect’s Ex-Beau Got Injunction:

Well, well well. It seems that the alleged ringleader in the beating of Victoria Lindsay has had a run in with the law before.

An ex-boyfriend of Mercades Nichols had once obtained an injunction against Nichols for violence against him and threatening violence. She was arrested for violating the injunction by sending him text messages and getting one of the other suspects, Brittni Hardcastle, to bring the victim a Valentine’s Day present.

It sounds like somebody’s precious little snowflake has anger and possession issues.