Court rules Columbine materials can be released

High court rules on Columbine case:

The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled that items seized from the homes of Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold can be released to the public if Jefferson County Sheriff Ted Mink deems it a benefit to the public…

The Denver Post is seeking notes written by Wayne Harris about his son Eric and Dylan Klebold; medical records of the teenagers; the audio and videotapes they made; and their writings, including school papers, notations in the Columbine yearbook and the diaries.

And go figure…

Release of the items was strongly opposed by the Harris and Klebold families and by Mink, who must now decide whether to release the records.

Hmm, I wonder why. 🙄

Judy Brown, parent of former Columbine student Brooks Brown, applauded the ruling.

“I think the people affected by the Columbine tragedy have every right to see every piece of information out there,” she said. “I think the court’s made the right decision.”

Now maybe we can finally get the real story. The ball is in your court Sheriff Mink. Will you be a man or will you continue to hide the facts?

On videogames and violence from an expert on both

Violence in games is a GOOD thing:

This is a great article, possibly the definitive article, about violence in video games. It was written by someone who knows what real violence is all about, Brooks Brown. For those of you who may not know Brooks Brown was friends with the killers and the killed at Columbine. By his own words, he had previously reported Harris and Klebold to the police about threats made at him and the police did nothing. So I’ll take this guys word about violence and video games. It was his closing statement that struck me as most poignant…

Columbine was not caused by violent video games. Eric and Dylan (the shooters) were drawn to violent video games because they were violent, fucked up kids. I am drawn to these violen games becaue they offer more freedom. And, it may sound naive, but i believe the vast majority of gamers play these games for the same reason as me. Do you?

Link via Joystiq.