California cops claim creep created kiddie porn on Kik

California cops claim creep created kiddie porn on Kik

Ryan Michael Spencer

(Story broke 5/8/2017)

19-year-old Ryan Michael Spencer of Apto, California, used to be a babysitter. You can already see where this one is going can’t you? Anyway, Spencer was arrested for allegedly taking explicit images of the children he babysat and shared them on the mobile messaging app Kik using the screen name ‘rydawg99’.

Despite my attempt at an alliterative headline, Spencer was actually first noticed by the FBI who were tipped off to him by an unnamed witness. The witness claimed Spencer traded child porn with him over Kik. Spencer also reportedly told the witness “his preference is for children approximately four to eight-years-old”.

It just goes to show you not every pedophile is a dirty old man in a coat, they can also be fresh-faced teenagers who you pay to babysit your kids while they make child porn. As my cohort Lady Gray always tells me, pedophiles constantly try to place themselves in job positions that allow them easy access to children. In this day and age if you have kids that require babysitting, you should have at least one hidden security camera in the home.

And lest I neglect my duties, let’s not forget Kik is teeming with sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn collectors, and should be approached as a danger by parents.

UPDATE: A subsequent article about Spencer’s arrest says he was studying to become an become an elementary school teacher, furthering our opinion that pedophiles often try to place themselves in positions that allow them access to children.

UPDATE II: Shortly after Spencer’s arrest, another babysitter was arrested for allegedly working in conjunction with Spencer. He is 24-year-old Bryan Petersen of Tiburon, California. Between the two of them they are said to have produced over 10,000 images of child porn.

UPDATE 7/27/2017: Petersen pleaded guilty to child porn charges, He’s looking at 110 years behind bars when he’s sentenced in November.