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Teen who shot girlfriend in the face over MySpace comment sentenced


Burien man sentenced in Web post slaying:

I originally posted about Matthew Dubois here and here. He is the then 16-year-old thug who shot his girlfriend, 15-year-old Mikarah Sanders, in the face killing her. Dubois shot her because he didn’t like a comment that her ex-boyfriend left on her MySpace. This happened on New Year’s Eve 2009.

Dubois was charged as an adult. Back in September I posted that Dubois pleaded guilty to 2nd degree murder but according to this new article he made an infamous Alford plea, or no contest plea. Basically that means that he doesn’t admit guilt but admits that he would probably be convicted.

For not admitting crap Dubois was sentenced to a little less than 14 years. In my opinion if you’re going to enter into an Alford plea and not admit your crime there should be at least an additional 10 years added on to any sentence. He’ll also have 3 years probation when he gets out. So by the time he’s 35 a vicious and ruthless killer will be back out on the streets.