NC RSO sentenced to 300 months

Repeat sex offender gets 300 months in prison:

Burlington Sex Offender William Flowers Sentenced To 300 Months For Online Coercion, Enticement:

William Todd Flowers

William Todd Flowers

37-year-old William Todd Flowers of Burlington, North Carolina is a registered sex offender. He was busted in 2008 for using MySpace and AIM to solicit sex from a 14-year-old girl who was actually a cop. Then in 2009 he was busted for soliciting a 15-year-old on MySpace. Surprisingly he’s never been featured on this site before.

Now fast forward to June through October of 2012 where he was soliciting minors again on an unnamed social networking site. Not to mention the last time I checked being a sex offender in NC on any social networking site was against the law.

For not learning his lesson Flowers was sentenced last month to 300 months in prison which may not sound like a lot but comes out to 25 years.

Do you think he’ll learn his lesson this time? Nah, me neither.