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Nothing more than a little crack head baby and he deserved to die

Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes

Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes

Murder Charges in Beating Death of Child:

Police: Man tortured 4-year-old to death for wetting his pants:

Dominick Calhoun, boy who died after beating in Argentine Township, wet his pants morning abuse began:

24-year-old Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes of Argentine Township, Michigan has been charged with the brutal beating and torture death of his girlfriend’s son 4-year-old Dominick Calhoun.

Hayes allegedly started the days long torture of Dominick after Dominick wet himself on the couch.

Hayes allegedly beat Dominick in the legs, arms, genitals and head, poked him in the eyes and also burned him across his knuckles as well. While he was beating him Hayes would keep asking him ‘Who is going to pay for this couch’.

Hayes is also said to have resented Dominick because Dominick’s biological father allegedly did not pay child support. What the fuck does that have to do with you jackass? That’s not your money. Were you expecting it so you can buy weed, PBR and Newports? Shit, when my (step)children were still of child support age I was embarrassed that I didn’t make enough money so the child support wouldn’t be needed.

Dominick’s mother claims that she did everything to prevent the days long beating but that she was beaten too. Granted I wasn’t there but unless she was unconscious or restrained for the entire course of the beating she didn’t do enough.

Police confirmed there was a history of the boy being taken into Child Protective Services while he was with his mother, though they declined to comment further.

Hayes also allegedly referred to Dominick as “nothing more than a little crack head (baby) and he deserved to die.”

It sounds like this crackhead was projecting his own lack of worth to society on Dominick.

A Facebook group called Justice for Dominick Calhoun has been set up.

Thanks to everyone who sent in tips.