Texas child has hand severely burned by violent stove top

Be careful of these potential child abusers in your house. Given the chance they will burn all of your children.

Sheriff: Mom burned child’s hands on stove:

Weslaco mom accused of putting her son’s hand on a hot stove:

In Hidalgo County, Texas an oven was arrested after it intentionally and unprovoked burned the hand of a 2-year-old boy. Wait, that’s not true at all. The person that was arrested was 26-year-old Claudia Ponce. She’s been charged with allegedly holding her 2-year-old son’s hand on the stove top after he wouldn’t stop crying. Because nothing stops a kid from crying more than second or third degree burns. (Sarcasm by the way.)

Ponce, who is illegally in The States and working as a prostitute, told police that her son accidentally burned his hand on some soup. For that to be true considering the extent of the injury the kid would have had to have kept his hand in the soup for a good 5 minutes while it was still on the stove. Either way doesn’t look good for her.

Claudia Ponce

According to police Ponce has 5 other kids all under the age of 7 who she would routinely discipline them by beating them with a stick. All the children have been placed with social services except for the boy with the burns. He’s been placed with a foster family that deals with burn victims.

Again the reason that we post these stories about people trying to blame inanimate objects to cover up child abuse is to let them know that they are not smarter than police or doctors. They will get to the underlying cause of the injuries and they will still arrest you and you will go to prison so how about not abusing your kids in the first place huh?

If you encounter a child with severe burns here are some tips on what to do until emergency help arrives.

3-year-old burned and bruised

Jeremy and Sarah Haroldson




 The lovely looking pair you see above is Sarah (24) and Jeremy (25) Haroldson, of Sevierville, TN and they have been charged with child abuse for injuries sustained by Sarah’s 3-year-old son. 

Sarah reportedly brought her son to Leconte Medical Center with burns on his buttocks and feet and bruising to his head, back and arms.  The hospital notified police when they determined that is was a case of abuse.  Investigators came to the hospital, determined the injuries were not consistent with mom’s story and that the lil’ guy was injured Saturday night but was not treated for his injures until Sunday morning.  WTH!  The lil’ guy was transferred to Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, GA, where he is being treated for severe burns.   I ask you who allows their child to suffer with any type of burn.  If the burn is in question, or even if it’s not take you baby to the freakin hospital.  

Sarah was booked into the Sevier County Jail under and $15,000 bond.  She was charged with child abuse and child neglect. 

Jeremy was arrested on January 19th.  He has been charged with one count of aggravated child abuse.  Mom’s charges were upgraded on the 19th to aggravated child abuse; she was rearrested after posting bond on her initial charges.  The couple remains in Sevier County Jail 

The lil’ guy has been released from the burn unit and placed in foster care by DCFS.

53 burns and a broken jaw

Parents charged with child endangerment

2 children abused and medical treatment withheld

Sir Smiley face over there is Sterling D. Marshall (28) and that is his main squeeze Donnisha Nelson (22), and quite frankly I am not sure what in the hell he has to smile about.  These two winners were arrested for child endangerment after a call came into the Missouri Child abuse hotline, regarding 2 injured children and medical attention being withheld.  Nice!  I bet you can’t guess why they were not taken for medical treatment…. come on guess, you know the right answer.  Yep, that’s right mom was scared they would accuse her of abusing the babies.  Ummm… excuse me dumbass but the kids are being ABUSED… here’s a novel idea take them to the hospital and get them treated and face the facts that your man is abusing your kids.  WTF!

Poplar Bluff police officers responding to an abuse call arrived at the home of these two and their two children.  After repeatedly knocking and getting no answer and hearing the children crying inside, an officer made entry into the house through an unsecured door.  Inside he found Smiley hiding his coward ass in the bedroom and found mommy with the 2 children hiding in the bathroom.  Upon examination of the children, the injuries reported in the call, were confirmed.  The 23-month-old had been burned and 3-year-old had been struck in the face. 

The children were taken to Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center where they were treated and released.  According to the medical staff, the 23-month-old had serious, 2nd and 3rd degree; burns on several locations on his body, 53 total burns to be exact in different stages of healing.  Twenty-one of them were on just his chest and back.  His brother, 3-years-old, had broken jaw.  WTH!  During an interview with police Mommy reportedly outlined an accidental cause for the injuries.  Jeez, she must be as dumb as her man looks if she thought for one second anyone would believe 53 burns are an accident, come on now!  Get Serious!

Both children have been removed and placed with a relative, who is being monitored by Family Services.  The monitoring is probably a good idea since the two monsters calling themselves parents bonded out! 

Thanks to Shal for the tip

GrandBreeders use hot grease as weapon, baby as shield

Not gonna make a Buckwheat joke

Grandsons are hit with grease in family fight:

In Gainesville, Florida police arrested Johnnie Allen Hutchinson, 51, and Dorothy Williams Hutchinson, 51, after their grandchildren were hit with hot grease in the midst of the grandparents arguing.

Mrs. Hutchinson threatened to throw hit grease on her husband if he did not stop his arguing. Mr. Hutchinson continued and Mrs. Hutchinson allegedly made good on her threat. The problem is, besides using hot grease in a domestic dispute, is that Mr. Hutchinson is said to have picked up his sleeping 10-month-old grandson to use as a shield. Mrs. Hutchinson let loose anyway hitting the child. The boy sustained second degree burns on his leg and stomach. The spillover also managed to hit another grandchild which caused burns on the child’s face.

I got nothin’ to add on this one. Sometimes the stories speak for themselves.

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Guilty pleas in boy’s grill cremation and death

Detroit couple plead guilty in child’s death:

In 2007 Detroit police were investigating Nickella Reid and Joseph Miller on child abuse claims when their 1-year-old son Nicholas Miller was brought to the hospital with burns over 35% of his body. During that investigation Reid told police of 2-year-old Deuntay Miller’s death and that they cremated Deuntay’s body on a barbecue grill to avoid funeral costs. Except further investigations found that while they were avoiding funeral costs the pair were still collecting welfare benefits in Deuntay’s name.

Monday they entered pleas to the charges against them…

Nickella Reid, 23, pleaded guilty in Wayne County Circuit Court to involuntary manslaughter and welfare fraud in connection with the death of her son, Deuntay Miller, prosecutors said.

Joseph Miller, 28, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for Deuntay’s death.

When one of these welfare fraud cases happens it always makes me wonder what they spent the money on that they deemed more important than the death of their own son.

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Third degree burns treated with moisturizer

Parents Arrested After Girl’s Burns Went Untreated:

Before you do anything click the link and check the mugshots of these two. This is why inbreeding is illegal.

Anyway the lovely couple of Sharon Wessel, 35, and Fredrick Wessel, 48, were living in their unheated home with their kids. Like most trailer trash they decided to heat the residence with a propane heater.

Not surprisingly one of the typical things happened when you combine rednecks and propane heaters. Their 11-year-old daughter’s pajama’s caught on fire while she was still in them. She received 2nd and 3rd degree burns over most of the lower half of her body, and it gets worse.

Rather than take their daughter to a hospital they treated the 2nd and 3rd degree burns with moisturizer. I bet it had aloe in it so they must have thought it was ok.

It took a neighbor that heard the girl’s screams to call 911. The girl is still in danger of losing her legs.

To make matters even worse Throaty Joe served 5 years in jail for child molestation.

Thanks to Bridget, LadyJade, and Unionjack for the tip.

Man leaves 3-year-old in diaper for over a month

Boy Left In Old Diaper, Critical In Pittsburgh Burn Unit:

34-year-old Jesus Rodriguez of Greensburg, PA was arrested after it was discovered his 3-year-old son had caustic burns on his body. The child got the burns because his idiot father hadn’t changed his diaper in over a month. His 4-year-old daughter also has redness and marks on her body.

Of course Rodriguez’s apartment was strewn with garbage, old food, and what the article called ‘waste’.

And if you’re wondering where the mother is she’s currently in jail.

I’ll be honest here. I never had any kids of my own that were diaper age. I inherited two wonderful step-kids when they were 8 and 11. However even I know that a diaper needs to be changed more than once a month. Hell, it may even need to be changed more than once a day.

When neglect of this magnitude happens the breeders should have their parental rights terminated and any future parental rights forfeited.

Thanks again to LadyJade for the tip.