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3/13/04: News from TheTrench

Caesarean refusal leads to murder charge:

Jeez that’s frickin’ scary. Anyway the assclown pictured above was told she needed to have a Caesarean section multiple times to save one of her twins but she refused because she didn’t want to have a scar. Guess what. One of the babies died. Now she’s being charged with murder. I say good. This assclown deserves everything she gets. She killed one of her unborn children all in the name of vanity. I mean look at her. A surgical scar is the least of her troubles. Of course a lot of the pro-death…I mean “pro-choice” people are saying she committed no crime. It was only “a fetus”. It’s her choice. It’s her body. Bullshit. It was her irresponsible action that cause one of her babies to be stillborn. It was because of her irresponsible action that a child is dead. It’s manslaughter at worst murder at the most. And what unlucky bastard actually mated with that mutant. Remember kids, Abortion: allowing parents to shirk their responsibilities for over 30 years.

U.S. Launches New Afghanistan Operation:

The US military has stepped up operations in Afghanistan in a renewed effort to find Bin Laden. The hypocrisy of the left is once again coming out in droves. The ridiculousness ranges from…”shouldn’t we have been doing this along”…to…”Oh so they can find him just in time for the election”. Some people are never happy. So what would you people rather we do? Just let him go? Give him a nice big government grant for showing us the error of our ways? Terrorists don’t care if you’re right-wing or left-wing. They hate you no matter what and want to see you dead. I’d rather see a president using military force to bring this jackass to justice than a president who believes this is a law enforcement issue. Then when he’s arrested Johnnie Cochran would get him off by saying that the system is racist. Give me a break.