Polygamist who circumcised sons with utility knife found guilty

jmarloweMan accused of circumcising sons with utility knife:

Man who circumcised sons found guilty:

Man On Trial, Charged With Circumcising Children:

One of my predecessors originally posted about this story here.

Now I’m of the opinion that male children should be circumcised. However it shouldn’t be done at home and it sure as hell shouldn’t be done with a utility knife.

Johnny Marlowe of Caldwell County, North Carolina didn’t care for hospitals (yet another Luddite) so he circumcised two of his 14 children at home with a utility knife. In one of the circumcisions his infant son bled for 11 hours.

Marlowe is an admitted polygamist who had his 14 children through his legal wife and another woman that lived with them. Not nly was he a child abuser but he was a spousal abuser as well beating his wife and denying her pre-natal care.

Marlowe is already serving a 1215 year sentence on kidnapping charges and was found guilty of abusing his sons. He’s looking at only a sentence of 120 days for the rogue circumcisions. That seems a little light to me.

Like I said I’m all for getting your boys circumcised and I highly recommend at. However leave it to the trained professionals especially those in the medical field as they are actually trained to perform these procedures.

Thanks to WickedWomyn for the tip.