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LASD to stop arresting child prostitutes

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell

Recently Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell has ordered his department to no longer arrest underage prostitutes and that they shouldn’t be referred to as child prostitutes.

“They are child victims and survivors of rape,” McDonnell wrote in a letter to his employees. “We must remember that children cannot consent to sex under any circumstance.”

This is actually kind of a big deal considering the massive amount of square mileage that the LASD has jurisdiction over. Just the unincorporated parts of L.A. County covers 4,083 square miles.

Sheriff McDonnell goes on to say…

McDonnell said that he has instructed his employees to stop using the terms “child prostitute” and “underage prostitution.”

Using those terms, McDonnell said, strips responsibility from the traffickers and the people who pay to have sex with children.

“Buyers,” he said, “should be viewed as child molesters and predators.”

I couldn’t agree more. The only problem is that historically the punishment for the johns hasn’t been harsh enough to effectively curtail the demand. To make this an ideal situation new legislation for increased sentencing would be needed to go along with this much-needed view on the underage victims of sex trafficking.

Thanks to Jade for the tip.

Another vaping ban based on ignorance


Vaping lounges are basically coffees shops for vapers. You can go there and hang out, talk with other vapers, maybe enjoy a new flavor of e-juice, etc. You would think that people would be happy that so many people are quitting smoking that lounges are being established to encourage that kind of behavior. In Signal Hill, California not so much.

If the mayor and city council get their way all vaping lounges will be banned within their city limits. I don’t know how big Signal Hill is or if there are already any vaping lounges there. What I do care about is the idiocy in which this ban is moving forward. Let’s hear from His Honor…

Signal Hill Mayor Ed Wilson, who declared he doesn’t smoke, said his main concern with e-cigarettes is the potential for use among underage children, particularly since there are currently no federal age restrictions.
“The increase in kids doing it has been astronomical,” he said. “And the problem is we don’t know if nicotine is in [the liquid]… and nicotine is addicting. Every time I see someone who has one, they can never ever put it down. And they hold it. They walk around with it. It’s in their hand all day long.”

With all due respect Mr. Mayor, you sound like a moron. Are kids trying this any more than smoking? Somehow I doubt it since any vape store or lounge I’ve ever been in does not permit minors to be in their establishments. I wonder who told you otherwise. Was it some staffer or some talking head you saw on TV? Yes, there is nicotine in most e-juices. It’s what allows us ex-smokers to transition from smoking to the less dangerous vaping and it also allows us to decrease our nicotine intake to zero if we so desire, something that cigarettes don’t allow us to do. Lastly so what if someone has one in their hand all day? I don’t vape like that but that’s up to the individual but anytime they have a mod or e-cig in their hand is time that they are not smoking.

Politicians may just be the dumbest people of the face of the planet.

Trench on the Isla Vista shootings

Not pictured Elliot Rodger

Not pictured Elliot Rodger

I debated on whether or not I would post about the Isla Vista shootings then I figured maybe both of my readers would like to hear my thoughts. This will probably be the only post I make on the subject.

The media seems to want to make this out as some sort of school shooting as evidenced by all the news alerts I keep receiving about the deadliest campus shootings in US history referencing names like Cho Seung-Hui and Stephen Kazmierczak. Even though a lot of residents of Isla Vista attend UC Santa Barbara I would not consider this a school shooting in the unfortunate sense we’ve all come to know even though there are similarities.

Like most school shooters Elliot Rodger had an over-inflated sense of entitlement and used violence to try to resolve his own inadequacies. As evidenced in his YouTube videos Rodger felt that he not only deserved women but that the world owed it to him. It’s also believed that Rodger died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound like also like most school shooters. What I prefer to call taking the coward’s way out. Rodger also had many online rants and manifestos documenting his ‘plight’. Even with all those similarities I wouldn’t call this a school shooting or even a campus shooting as Rodger did not attend UCSB and didn’t see the school as the root of the problem. Not to mention that the shooting didn’t even take place on campus. None of that matters anyway since a number of families are mourning the victims of this spoiled psychopathic assclown.

Let’s examine his supposed motive for a second. Rodger felt slighted by the world because he was 22, didn’t have a girlfriend and was still a virgin. To that I say, get in line pal. I was one of those kids who didn’t have a girlfriend all through high school. To me rejection from a woman was the worst possible thing I could possibly think of. It wasn’t until I was almost 20 until I lost my virginity and I didn’t have rich parents or a cool car either. When most guys are frustrated that they can’t find a woman they engage in a certain private activity and go to sleep, not commit mass murder. For any kids out there that think what this scumbag did is the way to go I say wait. You may be without a girl now but more than likely you will find your stride. Be patient, I eventually found mine and I was a geek before it was even remotely considered cool.

Another thing I wanted to touch on is that I’ve seen reports that say Rodger had Asperger’s. Again I have to reiterate to the more ignorant among us that not every person with Asperger’s is a killer in waiting. While it may have explained his lack of game with the female persuasion Rodger was obviously broken in other ways That caused him to think that committing mass murder was the rational response to not having a girlfriend. You can’t have a girlfriend when you’re dead and you’ll probably be one in prison.

Life isn’t fair kids. It never has been and it never will be. Sometimes the douchebag will get the hot girl. That’s just the way it is. The sooner you learn that and accept it the better off you’ll be as a more well-adjusted human being. You can’t change the world but you can change the world around you by being a better person.

The MRSA vaping myth spreads like….well….MRSA


San Diego County in California has instituted a public vaping ban in places where smoking is already prohibited. Again, I have no problem with this. Like I’ve said many times before as former smokers we should be used to this. Also as I’ve said before anyone that goes into a place where smoking is prohibited and tries to vape expecting to get hassled is a douchebag, but I digress.

The problem I have is with the local FOX affiliate in San Diego using the very slanted MRSA study as a scare tactic.

A UC study, however, recently concluded that vapor from e-cigarettes trigged defense mechanisms in MRSA, or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, making the already hard-to-kill superbug harder to kill.

At least the Daily Mail had the decency to include in their article that smoking makes MRSA even worse and that you have to catch MRSA in the first place for vaping or smoking to have any relevance.

I’m beginning to wonder when someone is going to make a legit Reefer Madeness type movie about vaping if there isn’t already one.

21-year-old Cali man charged with MeetMe rapes of children

Feds: Fair Oaks man posed as teen boy on Internet to prey on young girls:

Orest Shaynyuk

Orest Shaynyuk

Once again I have to take the media to task for using the phrase ‘had sex’ when it comes to children. Each US state has an age limit where someone can legally consent to sex. If they are below that age they are being raped. When did rape become such an ugly word to use on the news when that’s what the crime is.

Anyway, 21-year-old Orest Shaynyuk of Fair Oaks, California is charged with having sex (child rape) with two girls that he met through MeetMe. It’s not like Shaynyuk isn’t using the ‘she looked 18 defense’ either. Federal investigators say that Shaynyuk posed as a 16-year-old on MeetMe and raped two girls ages 12 and 15. The 12-year-old has even said that Shaynyuk was allegedly well aware of her age. The age of consent in California is 18. In both cases it is said that he also messaged his victims using smartphone apps.

If you don’t believe my prior warnings that your kids have no place being on MeetMe check this out…

MeetMe allows users as young as 13 to create an account. Parents on the website Common Sense Media gave MeetMe 2 out of 5 stars, calling it a “creepy social network that features racy photos and suggestive talk.”

Emphasis mine.

If you leave your children ignorant to the dangers of the internet someone will more than likely take advantage of that.

California man charged with being craigslist child pimp

Colton man arrested after allegedly pimping girl at Redlands motel:

Wilbert Andres Mancia-Mejia

Wilbert Andres Mancia-Mejia

31-year-old Wilbert Andres Mancia-Mejia of Colton, California was arrested in Redlands, California for allegedly prostituting a 17-year-old girl on craigslist. Mancia-Mejia met the girl online using the alias of Albert Mann. He allegedly took pictures of the girl while they were having sex (child rape, the CA age of consent is 18) and used the photos to advertise her on craigslist. Mancia-Mejia is said to have sent the victim into a Redlands motel and told her to wait for him. Instead an unidentified man went in and sexually assaulted her. I would imagine that he paid Mancia-Mejia. The girl reported it to police.

Again how’s that consenting adults thing working out for you? Still clinging desperately to that to justify being a ‘hobbyist’? In most cases the women are hardly consenting and in too many cases they’re hardly adults. By the way craigslist, I thought you got rid of this stuff on your website. Oh. that’s right. You don’t bother to check to see if that’s really true or not.

California craigslist creeper who wanted children’s underwear sentenced


Rancho Cordova Man Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Enticement, Child Porn Charges:

Rancho Cordova man sentenced to prison for child exploitation:

How sad is it that I thought this story was a repeat?

Anyway 25-year-old Brandon Marks of Rancho Cordova, California was recently sentenced to 12 years in prison on child solicitation and child porn charges. Last year Marks posted an ad on craigslist seeking children’s underwear. I’m going to assume that he didn’t want still in the shrink-wrapped package of 3.

Sacramento police responded to Marks ad posing as a 12-year-old girl. During that time Marks sent child porn to the ‘girl’ and police arranged a meeting between Marks and the girl. Marks was then arrested at the meeting at a Sacramento motel.

Marks will also have 40 years of supervised release once he’s released from prison which knowing California will be early.

Seriously craigslist, is this the kind of clientele you want to be known for? If the craigslist founders are so altruistic then why do they not want to protect their own users. Come on craigslist, take back your site from the predators and pedophiles.

Woman escapes California craigslist kidnapper


Chico woman escapes Craigslist kidnapper:

Police in Glencoe, California recently arrested one Jason Tony Bays of Placerville, California on kidnapping charges. Reports say that Bays met a 26-year-old woman from Chico, California on craigslist and took her back to his home. When she tried to leave he allegedly told her she could not and choked her. The woman escaped when Bays took her to a job site in Glencoe. She managed to convince him that she needed to use the bathroom and went into a nearby post office and had employees contact 911.

Even though the woman was said to have communicated with Bays for a month before meeting him face to face this should serve as yet another warning as why you should not meet anyone from craigslist. There are just an inordinate amount of predators and psychos that use the site to find their victims and craigslist is unwilling to do anything about it.

California craigslist creeper who wanted ‘Daddy/Daughter incest’ sentenced


Man Soliciting Sex on Craigslist Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison:

Sacramento man, who admitted to molesting girl and posting Craigslist ad, sentenced to prison:

Man who sought minors for sex via Craigslist draws 10-year prison sentence:

I don’t know how I missed this story before but here we are.

35-year-old Eric G. Lowe of Sacramento, California was recently sentenced for soliciting sex from an underage girl on craigslist. Lowe posted an ad on craigslist seeking a young girl for a “Daddy/Daughter incest relationship”. Yep, I like I need a chemical shower after typing that. A 13-year-old girl named Amy responded to Lowe’s ad and began corresponding with him. He would ask Amy things like when was her mother going to be out of the house and can she bring a friend. Amy was actually an undercover police detective. After investigators searched Lowe’s computer they found that he was conversing with an actual teen from another town and was in possession of child porn. Lowe told investigators that he preferred 9-year-olds and admitted that he molested an underage girl. Ok, now I’m going to have to take a chemical shower and scrub with steel wool. Ick.

So what did this sick bitch get for all his troubles. 10 years in jail, 10 years on probation and a place on the sex offender registry. Not enough prison time. When he gets out, in probably less than 10 years since it’s California, probation and the registry is not going to be nearly enough to discourage an obvious predator like Lowe.

Also Lowe’s ad was allowed to sit on craigslist for months and nothing was ever done about it. Craigslist seems to have no problem with pedophiles using their site to find victims and the media refuses to call them out on it. A tragic cycle of apathy while children are being molested.

Transient lured woman to L.A. through craigslist for sexual assault

Garry Dwayne Boga

Garry Dwayne Boga

Man charged in assault of woman lured to L.A. via Craigslist:

Man Arrested in Alleged Craigslist Sex Assault:

Even after all these years I’m still amazed at some of the convoluted lengths that sexual predators will go to in order to find their victims. I’m even more surprised when some of the more outlandish plots work. For example take 27-year-old Garry Dwayne Boga. Boga is a transient from Arkansas that was staying in the Los Angeles area. He allegedly lured a woman to L.A. by placing a craigslist ad saying that he was a music industry bigwig named Tavion who was looking for a personal assistant. His victim was from Illinois and came out to L.A. for the non-existent job. He picked up the woman and said he was running late and would conduct the interview in the car. Then he took the woman to an apartment in Glendale and told her that she needed to submit to a medical exam for the job and that he was also a medical professional. What are the odds?

Boga has been charged with sexual penetration by a foreign object and felony sexual battery by fraud among other charges. Police believe he may have other victims.

Anyone who has been victimized or has information about Boga may call Det. Ernesto Torres at (818) 548-3106. To remain anonymous, call Glendale Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone use craigslist to find a job let alone one in the entertainment industry. That’s an industry well documented in the way it chews up and spits out most hopefuls and is rife with fraudsters and predators. Exactly the kind of people who use craigslist.

UPDATE 8/30/2013: Last month Boga pleaded no contest and received six years in prison. His alias of Tavion is said to have stood for “Taking All Victories I Own Naturally”. Where he’s going he won’t be taking any victories and will likely be owned himself.