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Cali teacher posed as girl on Facebook to get child porn

Zachary Reeder

Zachary Reeder

Servite teacher arrested on suspicion of lewd conduct:

Just when I ask why don’t we hear about more Facebook predators one comes slinking out of the woodwork.

Police in Irvine, California have arrested 30-year-old Zachary Reeder of Orange, California. Reeder was a teacher at an Anaheim high school at the time of his arrest. He’s been charged with posing as a young girl on Facebook in order to get underage boys to send him explicit photos of themselves.

This ploy has been around since at least the days of MySpace and probably is as old as the public internet itself. Parents, you really need to have a talk with your boys about this to let them know that in reality most girls their age are not looking for nude pictures of them. If you don’t want to have that talk with them let me give you a little encouragement. Child porn purveyors are usually more than happy to share their cache of child porn with other pedos so God only knows in what other hands pictures of your kids could end up in.

To make matters worse since Reeder’s arrest earlier this month 70 more alleged victims of Reeder have come forward.

Anyone who may have been victimized by the suspect or with information regarding the case was urged to call Irvine police at (949) 724-7184.

HBPD catches RSO trolling craigslist for kids


Undercover H.B. officer thwarts possible sex crime:

In my opinion the Huntington Beach Police Department in California is one of the most proactive law enforcement agencies when it comes to catching sexual predators on craigslist. They’ve been featured on this site many times before and it’s good to see that they’re still being vigilant.

Most recently they arrested 55-year-old Carlton Earl Griner for allegedly placing an ad on craigslist soliciting for sex. He thought he was meeting a 13-year-old girl at a shopping center but the person he was exchanging sexually explicit e-mails with was a Huntington Beach detective. Shopping Centers or malls is the other prerequisite meeting place for creepers like this to meet their victims. Griner is a registered sex offender for having a prior conviction in Iowa on child pornography charges.

While the HBPD may be doing their job in catching this creepers it doesn’t feel like the state is backing them up. While Griner is facing a lifetime on the sex offender registry he’s only looking at 5 years in prison. Obviously the registry wasn’t enough to keep him from offending again.

And once again this shows that craigslist has become the weekly flier for sexual predators shopping for victims.

UPDATE 11/2/2013: Griner was only sentenced to 3 years behind bars. Not even the 5 years he was looking at. What does it take to keep a registered sex offender in California behind bars longer?

3 California people killed in latest craigslist killing

Jade Douglas Harris

Jade Douglas Harris

Ex-convict charged with capital murder in Downey slayings:

Police in Downey, California say that 30-year-old ex-con Jade Douglas Harris shot and killed 3 people last Wednesday after responding to a craigslist ad for a used Camaro. The ad led Harris to a business where he allegedly shot and killed Josimar Rojas, 26 and Irene Cardenas Reyes, 35. He then took Susana Perez Ruelas, 34, and her 13-year-old son hostage and forced them to take him to the Camaro. Once there he shot the both of them killing Ruelas and wounding her son.

Harris was previously jailed on charges of robbery, attempted robbery and carrying a concealed weapon and is said to be a known member of the Crips. He is currently being held without bail and could be facing the death penalty.

It doesn’t matter which side of the craigslist ad you may be on. Ultimately Harris is responsible for this horrific tragedy but more and more it seems by using craigslist you are taking your life into your hands no matter how innocuous the item for sale is.

UPDATE 12/10/12: Harris has pleaded not guilty.

Serial MySpace rapist re-convicted

Jason Ara Erpinar

Jason Ara Erpinar

O.C. Man Convicted in Myspace Rapes:

The last time I posted about Douchebag Ed Grimley, aka Jason Ara Erpinar of Yorba Linda, California, he pleaded guilty to 3 rapes and received a sentence of 15 years. Erpinar was charged with raping 3 women, two of whom he met on MySpace while the 3rd was a former girlfriend.

Unbeknownst to me after he received that sentence he rejected that plea deal and decided to plead his case before a jury. That turned out to be a bad move on his part because he was convicted anyway. Instead of looking at 15 years he’s now looking at 24. That still only comes out to 8 years for each rape which is still not near enough to the sentence that he deserves but this is California after all.

Donna Jou’s killer arrested again while using craigslist again

John Steven Burgess

John Steven Burgess

Parolee in Donna Jou’s death arrested in Hollywood:

Convicted Coed Killer, John Steven Burgess, Facing New Charges:

For those of you who may not know John Steven Burgess is considered by most to be the original Craigslist killer. In 2007 he met 19-year-old Donna Jou through her craigslist ad for tutoring. One night she rode off with Burgess on the back of his motorcycle and that was the last time she was seen. Burgess admitted to her death but claims she died of an accidental heroin overdose and that he dumped her body in the Pacific ocean. Her body has never been found. He only served half of a five-year sentence for her death. This week Burgess was arrested on a parole violation.

Police in Hollywood, California say that Burgess placed an ad on craigslist looking for a roommate that could stay at his place free of charge in exchange for cooking and cleaning. Two women responded to his ad and when they went there they found a woman dressed only in her underwear convulsing. Burgess allegedly told the non-convulsing women there that he was an innocent victim of the justice system and that writers were offering him large sums of money to tell his story.

Luckily one of the women didn’t fall for his story and found his real name and discovered who he really was. Not too long afterwards the police showed up at his door and led him out in cuffs. He’s been charged with being a parolee in possession of a .7 mm rifle round. Currently Burgess is being held without bail. No word yet on the convulsing woman but for all we know she could have been yet another victim of Burgess. So far he’s only looking at 3 years in county.

So why do so many people still think craigslist is such a great place to do business? Why does craigslist still insist on not monitoring its own site to weed out scumbags like Burgess? When you combine greed with a lack of common sense it makes for an awfully dangerous mix.

Donna Jou

Donna Jou

Donna Jou’s parents believe that Burgess is lying about their daughter’s fate. To see more from them please visit DonnaJou.com.

Facebook incest mom claims ‘genetic attraction’

Mistie Atkinson

Mistie Atkinson

Mom who had sex with son gets under 5 years in prison, but claims ‘genetic attraction,’ not incest:

In case you don’t remember who Mistie Atkinson is she was the woman who was arrested for having sex (incest, child rape) with her estranged 16-year-old son after tracking him down on Facebook.

Last week she was sentenced to 4 years and 8 months on charges of incest, oral copulation, lewd contact with a minor and distribution of lewd material to a minor. Even though that this is California if a 32-year-old man tracked down his estranged 16-year-old daughter on Facebook and committed incest with her in a seedy motel room would he have been only looking at a 4 year sentence? Hell no. The prosecutors would have added so many charges on him he would have been looking at a string of life sentences. Since Atkinson is female and doesn’t have 3 eyes and a hump she’s given less than 5 years.

That’s not the most disgusting part though. Check out what Atkinson said in a letter to the court about committing incest.

“I don’t feel like I should have the charge of incest because there is something called genetic attraction that is a very powerful (phenomenon) that happens to 50 (percent) of people becoming reunited with a long-lost relative,” she wrote.

Can you believe that bullshit? Genetic attraction my ass. Here’s what I think happened. After deciding she was going to fuck her son she looked for some kind of excuse on the internet. Probably on some pro-pedophilia/pro-incest site she found this crap about genetic attraction.

It’s disgusting that this miscreation only got less than 5 years. I guess the California legal system doesn’t find incest all that abhorrent. How much longer will it be before acts like this and pedophilia will be accepted in our society?

Nothing is sacred anymore.

LaMesa MySpace molester pleads guilty

Jeffrey John McPherson

Jeffrey John McPherson

Man Pleads Guilty to Molesting Two Teenage Boys, Including One He Met Online:

I originally posted about Jeffrey John McPherson here and here. He’s the 43-year-old guy from LaMesa, California who was arrested for molesting a 16-year-old boy that he met on MySpace. He molested the boy for a period of 9 months.

While awaiting trial he went on the run for a month before LaMesa police decided to inform the public and two months before he was finally caught.

This past Thursday McPherson pleaded guilty to not only molesting the MySpace boy but also molesting a 17-year-old family friend. Once again after all the atrocities that McPherson has committed he’s only going to get 4 years in jail and be registered as a sex offender for life.

Why are we still treating scum like this like they’re shoplifters or something. These pedo scum are the most dangerous predators that live among us today. They should at least be locked up for the rest of their unnatural lives. That will keep them from re-offending.

UPDATE 11/4/2012: As expected McPherson was only given four years. Pitiful.

Woman uses Facebook to rape her own son

Mistie Atkinson

Mistie Atkinson

Mom accused of having sex with teenage son hadn’t seen him for 15 years, hunted him down on Facebook:

32-Year-old Mistie Atkinson of Nice, California had been estranged from her son for most of his life. So she set out to make contact with her son through Facebook. Normally that would be a touching story if it ended there. Well, it is still touching but in a ‘bad touch’ kind of way.

You see Atkinson used Facebook to allegedly sent sexual messages to her son on Facebook. This eventually led to the two meeting up in a Napa hotel room where they had sex. Or since the boy was only 16 I’ll just call it child rape, you know, outside of the whole incest thing.

Police say that not only were the pair aware that they were biological mother and son but the kid had pics on his cell phone of them going at it.

Surprisingly this is not the first time I’ve heard of something like this happening. Outside of being batshit crazy I have no idea what would possess anyone to do something like this.

Not surprisingly she’s only looking at 5 years in jail. I wonder how much time she would be facing if she was a man who raped his daughter like this.

Trafficker used craigslist to recruit women and backpage to sell them

Roshaun Nakia Porter

Roshaun Nakia Porter

Long Beach Man Accused of Running Sex Trafficking Ring:

Long Beach man indicted for allegedly luring women on Craigslist and forcing them into sex trafficking:

Long Beach man allegedly forced women into prostitution in OC:

36-year-old Roshaun “Kevin” Nakia Porter of Long Beach, California was recently indicted on charges of sex trafficking. He’s accused of allegedly forcing several women into prostitution in the Orange County area.

Investigators say that Porter would meet these women on craigslit and a site that bills itself as being the #1 site to find a sugar daddy. The women say they thought they were becoming Porter’s girlfriend. Instead he put them to work on the streets. Just like every other cowardly pimp he threatened them or their families with violence.

Then to complete the circle of slavery he advertised them on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com.

He was eventually arrested by the Santa Ana police.

Surprisingly he’s looking at life in prison which is what all sex traffickers deserve.

This story points out two things. The first is don’t meet guys on craigslist. They’re probably scummy in one way or another. The second is backpage will say that this is a free speech issue and it’s their constitutional right to make money from the ads where these women are sold against their will.

Prolific MySpace predator Joshua Threlkeld sentenced to 100 years

Joshua Threlkeld

Joshua Threlkeld

For once the California justice system did not drop the ball as Joshua Threlkeld was sentenced to 100 years in prison.

Threlkeld posed on MySpace as a 14-year-old girl named Sarah Miller to gain the confidence of underage girls then convince them to model for her ‘friend’. Some of the girls were molested by Threlkeld and some of his child porn victims were as young as 11. His victims stretched far and wide across the country and went even as far as Canada and the UK. His victims may have even numbered in the 100 range mark.

As far as I can recollect Threlkeld has received the longest sentence for social network related crimes.

It would be great to see even more predators like Mr. Classy Neck Tattoo get sentences like this.