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Camden tries to spread its sickness

Camden on a good day.

Camden on a good day.

Camden Council packed with protesters against planned taxes, cuts, police takeover:

Once again the city of Camden, New Jersey shows just how clueless its leaders are.

Now that they have laid off half of their police force and the city is still under siege by criminals the city is now looking to spread their problem to the rest of Camden County.

Now while Camden County may sound like it’s different versions of Camden that is not true. There are actually some quite affluent areas in Camden County like Cherry Hill. So Camden is trying to leech off the rest of the county by trying to get the county to institute a county-wide police force.

As someone who has spent a lot of time in one of the nicer sections of Camden County lately let me be one of the many to say “Hell no”.

Not only should the rest of Camden County not have to bail out Camden’s police woes this would be the first step into Camden’s crime creeping out into the other communities.

As an aside my brother came up with exactly what Camden’s problem is. He says that it’s not just the fact that more than half of Camden’s properties are non-tax paying but the fact that Camden has no ‘good’ section of the city. In cities like Philadelphia and even Detroit there are enclaves of civility and security. Not so in Camden. It’s nothing but a war zone. You can’t bring new revenue into a city that can’t guarantee the safety of at least some of its citizens.