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Kenny Bartley released from jail yet again

Kenny Bartley released from jail yet again

Kenny Bartley

Late last week, Campbell County school shooter, Kenny Bartley, was released from jail yet again. He had been serving time for violating his probation when he failed to update his address with authorities and violating the terms of his alcohol monitoring bracelet.

In 2005, when Bartley was a teenager, he opened fire in the administration office of Campbell County High School in Tennessee, killing Principal Ken Bruce. He was charged as an adult and his plea deal saw him sentenced to 45 years. However, the plea was thrown out and a subsequent retrial saw Bartley being released after time served.

Sometime after his release, Bartley went to live with his counselor and her family in Virginia. The counselor’s young son has since died from blunt force trauma and the autopsy reports say that it was related to child abuse. Bartley was allegedly with the boy at the time. So far there have been no criminal charges filed in the boy’s death.

There have also been accusations that Bartley had been romantically involved with his counselor while in Virginia.

If history is any indicator it probably won’t be long before Bartley is in trouble again. The only question is will there be another body left in his wake?

Was Kenny Bartley romantically involved with his counselor?

Kenny Bartley

Kenny Bartley

I had previously heard rumors to the effect but now the Knoxville News Sentinel recently reported that Campbell County School shooter Kenny Bartley may have been romantically involved with his counselor in Virginia. If you’ll recall after Bartley was retried for the 2005 shooting and sentenced to time served he was allowed to travel to Virginia in order to live with his counselor and her family. Since that time the counselor’s child died from abuse resulting in blunt force trauma. Bartley was allegedly present at the time of the boy’s death although no charges have yet been filed in that case. Since Bartley’s counselor/alleged squeeze has not yet been charged with a crime I will not name her here.

This new revelation comes from Bartley’s probation officer in Tennessee who has claimed that his counselor has committed a few inappropriate acts…

It alleged, among other things, that a monitoring device that tests for alcohol in body sweat repeatedly recorded the presence of alcohol just two months after he was freed on probation in February 2015 with the agreement that he would move to Vienna, Va., where his longtime counselor claimed she had lined up addiction and mental health counseling services and planned to teach him living skills.

Bartley and his counselor instead became lovers, with the 23-year-old Bartley living with her and her three-year-old son, who died in May 2015 in Bartley’s care under suspicious circumstances.

It’s also alleged that Bartley’s counselor threatened to take Bartley to another state if she didn’t receive reports from the ankle monitor company that had fitted Bartley with his alcohol detection monitor claiming that she was basically Bartley’s probation officer in Virginia.

To make matters even more creepy Bartley’s counselor first met him when he was 11-years-old at a juvenile mental facility and it allegedly continued from there…

When Bartley was charged in the school shooting, his counselor took a job at the juvenile detention facility where he was housed and again began working with him.

If these allegations are true then this is worse than the women who married the Menendez brothers or our favorite crazy murder groupie Lorri Davis who married thrice convicted child murderer Damien Echols. This would mean that his counselor is a sexual predator who has been stalking him since he was 11-years-old. Who even knows what may have taken place between them from the time he was 11 leading up to the day he shot Ken Bruce to death. It would also go a long way in explaining why Bartley’s mental health has obviously not improved since that time.

Thanks to Kevin for the tip.

Kenny Bartley back in jail for probation violations

Kenny Bartley

Kenny Bartley

Kenny Bartley is back in jail after being arrested for multiple probation violations. Bartley pleaded guilty this past week and was sentenced to 2 1/2 years with 7 months served.

As far as I know the investigation into the death of his counselor’s son is still open in Virginia. Bartley was allegedly present at the time of the young boy’s death. Although no charges have been filed as of yet the boy’s death is being treated as an abuse case.

Kenny Bartley arrested in Tennessee

Kenny Bartley

Kenny Bartley

Campbell County High School shooter Kenny Bartley was arrested this morning in LaFollette, Tennessee. He was not arrested for the death of the son of his counselor who he was living with in Virginia but for failing to meet his probation requirements from his 2015 agreement that allowed him to move to Virginia, specifically the use of alcohol.

Bartley was said to be present at the time of the boy’s death who allegedly died from blunt force trauma caused by abuse. No charges have been filed in the boy’s death as of yet.

More about alleged abuse of boy who died in Kenny Bartley’s care

Kenny Bartley

Kenny Bartley

Again let me preface this by saying that as of the time I’m posting this no criminal charges have been filed. Because of that I will not be posting anyone’s name except for Bartley’s. Technically he is wanted by authorities but not for this.

Anyway the father of the boy who died from blunt force trauma while in Kenny Bartley’s care has written to the governor’s of both Virginia and Tennessee asking for legal action to be taken. That part I’m not interested in too much. I’m more interested in the additional details that have been released concerning the boy’s injuries.

From WTAE…

A report from Inova Children’s Hospital found that while the child’s fatal injuries could have been caused by the fall as described, some features of his injuries, including certain wounds on his scalp and retinal hemorrhages, were not likely to have been caused by the fall as described.

The boy’s mother who is also Bartley’s ‘therapist’ claims that the boy fell off of some stairs onto gravel outside. Speaking of her she is refuting any abuse charges but in my opinion is acting more than a little suspicious…

In addition, the doctor conducting the report, Dr. William E. Hauda II, found several healing spinal injuries and a healing arm fracture. Correspondence with the mother is included in the report, in which she said she contacted an orthopedist via the website JustAnswer.com who said the spinal injuries could have been caused by being strapped into a child safety seat too tightly. According to the report, Dr. Hauda was unable to find any evidence that the injuries could have been caused by a child safety seat.

Really? So her defense is asking a doctor over the internet who has not examined the boy or his injuries. That sounds a lot like the coffee table defense. That’s the one where the parents of a child who has blunt force trauma say that the child hit its head on the coffee table when it’s clearly abuse.

She also claims she’s had other medical professionals look at the boy’s medical records and that they found no evidence of abuse. She also blames the boy’s father for stirring shit up because he allegedly had his own legal troubles. This all sounds so Jerry Springer to me and makes me wonder how this woman not only became a therapist but how she was allowed to keep a violent criminal like Bartley at her house.

Boy who died in Kenny Bartley’s care ruled an abuse victim

Kenny Bartley

Kenny Bartley

Again let me preface this by saying that as of the time I’m posting this no criminal charges have been filed.

Earlier today it was announced by CPS of Fairfax County, Virginia, that the three-year-old boy left alone in the care of Campbell County High School shooter Kenny Bartley was a victim of child abuse according to their investigation. Previously it had been made public that the boy had died from blunt force trauma. The boy is the son of Bartley’s psychologist who he had been living with under the terms of his probation. The boy’s mother claims that the victim fell from a three-foot tall set of steps onto the gravel outside.

Not surprisingly Bartley’s location is currently unknown.

Boy that was in Kenny Bartley’s care died from blunt force trauma

Kenny Bartley

Kenny Bartley

First please allow me to preface this story by saying that no criminal charges have been filed at the time I’m posting this.

Having said that as you may recall Campbell County High School shooter Kenny Bartley was living with his psychologist and her son as part of his probation for domestic violence charges he allegedly committed against his own family. Back in May the three-year-old boy died while in Bartley’s supervision. Bartley’s psychologist and attorney have both said that it was an accident and that the child fell off some stairs onto a concrete surface,

Recently the boy’s cause of death has been made public and according to the autopsy report the boy died from blunt force trauma to the head. In case you’re wondering I’m not mentioning the boy’s name until actual criminal charges are filed if any are filed at all. So far it appears that the investigation is still ongoing since not only has the suspected cause of the blunt force trauma not been released but the law enforcement offices that are involved in the investigation are being very tight-lipped about the whole thing.

Now I am far from any kind of medical professional but I’ve posted enough stories in my time about children dying from blunt force trauma and they tend to have similar narratives, usually from abusive parents. Most times they claim the child fell out of bed or hit their head on some piece of furniture. It usually turns out that the force they died from was many times greater than the force they claim injured the child. Is that the case here? Can am accidental fall from three steps up onto a concrete floor cause enough trauma to kill a three-year-old. I guess it is entirely possible however, when a child is left unattended with a convicted murderer who has a history of violence it seems like it becomes more than coincidental.

Armed robbery charges against Kenny Bartley dropped

Kenny Bartley

Kenny Bartley

I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong.I wouldn’t put it past Kenny Bartley to knock over a gas station so I had no problem believing that he did rob the gas station he was accused of in Anderson County, Tennessee. However both his attorney and his psychologist have provided evidence that shows Bartley never left Virginia on the day the robbery was committed. Anderson County authorities have since recalled the armed robbery arrest warrant for Bartley.

Bartley still has arrest warrants in his name in Tennessee for misdemeanor probation violations.

Kenny Bartley captured in Virginia

Kenny Bartley

Kenny Bartley

After being named as a suspect in an armed robbery in Anderson County, Tennessee, Kenny Bartley was apprehended in Vienna, Virginia, last night.

According to Google Maps Vienna is about 8 hours away from Anderson County. The robbery took place around 8am local time in Tennessee while Bartley was apprehended around 10pm Eastern time. In my opinion that’s plenty of time for Bartley to get out of Dodge and back to Virginia. Vienna was where Bartley was living with his psychologist’s family.

I bring this up because Bartley’s lawyer says that he is 200 percent sure his client did not commit the crime.

Bartley’s lawyer issued this statement

“Our first investigation has revealed the Kenneth Bartley was not in the state of Tennessee at the time the Anderson County press release indicates the crime was committed. I would encourage law enforcement and the general public not to jump to conclusions regarding Kenneth Bartley’s whereabouts. I’m continuing to encourage Kenneth Bartley to return to Campbell County as a result of his pending misdemeanor violation of probation charges. “

We shall see.

UPDATE: Charges dropped.

Kenny Bartley wanted for armed robbery

Kenny Bartley

Kenny Bartley

I’ve been following the story of Kenny Bartley since 2005 when he brought a gun to Campbell County High School in Tennessee. shot three school employees and killed one. He originally entered into a plea deal that saw him sentenced for 45 years but that plea was thrown out and he was released in 2014.

Since his release he’s had various run ins with the law mostly for domestic abuse against his parents. As part of his probation he was going to live with his psychologist’s family in Virginia. The psychologist’s son died from what is being claimed as a fall down the stairs but he was allegedly alone with Bartley at the time. Bartley has not been charged with a crime in that case as the investigation is still ongoing. Bartley then fled Virginia as there was a misdemeanor warrant out for his arrest in Tennessee.

Now it seems that Bartley may be going back to prison for quite some time as he’s named as a suspect in an armed robbery, which should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. Investigators believe that Bartley was armed with a gun when allegedly robbed a gas station in Anderson County, Tennessee, earlier this morning.

Bartley has been described as…

W/M Age: 23
6’01” 170 Lbs
Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes
Numerous Tattoos On Hands & Arms

Anyone having information on Bartley’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department at 865-457-2414 or call their local law enforcement agency immediately.

I hope he is captured soon without injury or loss of life to anyone. In my opinion Bartley is very dangerous and I could easily see his capture going sideways. I pray to God that he is brought in without incident.

UPDATE: Charges dropped.