Cara Murphy felt scared

“I felt scared for her,” says teen in beating case.:

Cara Murphy recently had the charges dropped against her in the videotaped beating of Victoria Lindsay. Now she’s speaking out…

“I guess I’m sorry for all that happened,” Cara Murphy said during a news conference Friday night, apologizing for her involvement in the videotaped beating of a Mulberry cheerleader that incited a media frenzy.

“I’m glad the charges got dropped though.”

I believe the second part but not the first.

Murphy says she never realized that what took place on videotape would turn into a national controversy. After apologizing to the victim, Victoria Lindsay, Murphy admitted she could have done more to stop the beating.

Murphy commented, “During the time I definitely can say I felt scared for her. Once I saw the video, I realized this was a bad thing that happened.”

Yet she didn’t realize it as it was going on? What difference should it being on video make?

I think the only thing she’s really sorry for is that she got caught. she won the lottery by having the charges dropped.

Charges dropped against 3 accused in Victoria Lindsay beating

Charges Dropped Against Three in Teen Beating:

Charges have been dropped against Cara Murphy, Stephen Schumaker, and Zachary Ashley. Schumaker and Ashley were originally thought to be lookouts.

A notice for each teenager gave the same explanation: “Further investigation has shown that there is insufficient evidence to proceed with charges against the defendant.”

The article’s author speculates if they’ll testify as witnesses.

And remember kids, just because there is insufficient evidence it doesn’t make then angels.

New video in Victoria Lindsay beating released

New Video in Teen Beating Case: posted this video that has been released by the Polk County Sheriff’s Department that shows the minutes leading up to the beating of Victoria Lindsay which as it turns out wasn’t the first beating.

Thanks to Navigator for the tip.


Teens in video beating overcharged?:

The attorney for Cara Murphy is speaking out on behalf of her client. Cara Murphy is one of the defendants in the beating of Victoria Lindsay.

Her attorney, Melodie Lopez, doesn’t think the defendants should have been charged as adults and doesn’t think her client should have been charged at all.

She insists that Murphy never hit the victim, Victoria Lindsay, and in fact tried to stop the beating by telling her friends, “Enough is enough.”

“She (Murphy) didn’t call police I know that, but she did make some attempts to stop the incident at some point” Lopez said.

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the fact that she was present at the time of the crime and did nothing to prevent it make her an accessory?

And as far as the adult charges go, a wise man once said ‘Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.’

Bail set for beating suspects

Bail set for teens in YouTube beating:

The suspects in the recorded beating of Victoria Lindsay have had their bail set at $30,000 each. 18-year-old Stephen Schumaker, is already out on bail.

I guess the rest of them are trying to take out mortgages on their double wides.

Here are the bail conditions

Bail conditions for the teenagers forbid the six girls from seeing each other or contacting one another in any way. They are also not allowed to contact the victim, Victoria Lindsay, 16, or the victim’s family. The girls are home arrested, being allowed to leave their homes only to come in court. Visiting Mulberry High School, as well as the Wing House restaurant in Lakeland, where Victoria has worked in the past month is also forbidden.

Beating suspects charged as adults

Report: Teens Behind Florida YouTube Attack to Be Charged as Adults:

All 7 suspects in the beating of Veronica Lindsay who are juveniles will be tried as adults.

Mercades Nichols, 17, Brittini Hardcastle, 17, and Britney Mayes, 17, face charges of felonious battery, false imprisonment and kidnapping in connection with the attack. Cara Murphy, 16, Kayla Hassell, 15, April Cooper, 14, Zachary Ashley, 17, and Stephen Schumaker, 18, face charges of felonious battery and false imprisonment.

Since Schumaker is 18 it goes without saying that he’ll be charged as an adult.

The article states that three of them have been charged with tampering with a witness but it doesn’t say which 3.

Hopefully this means that it’s gone beyond ‘a slap on the wrist’.

8 arrested in taped beating

Girls Record Brutal Attack On Teen To Allegedly Post On YouTube:

Proving once again that a lot of teens are idiots comes this story from Polk County, Florida.

16-year-old Victoria Lindsay was lured to a ‘friend’s’ house where six other girls were lying in wait. When she got there she was attacked by most of the girls while someone recorded the beating so they could post it to MySpace and YouTube in order to embarrass her. Two male suspects kept watch while the beating was taking place.

The 16-year-old suffered a concussion, eye injuries and several bruises.

The suspects were identified as 17-year-old Mercades Nichols, 17-year-old Brittini Hardcastle, 14-year-old April Cooper, 16-year-old Cara Murphy, 17-year-old Britney Mayes and 15-year-old Kayla Hassell. Zachary Ashley, 17, and Stephen Schumaker, 18, were identified by deputies as the lookouts.

And of course one of the ‘parents’ has to play the ‘not my kid’ card.

“They weren’t really involved, I don’t know. I’m just overwhelmed by all of it. I don’t know why the girls have them involved,” said Debbie Shumaker, Stephen’s mother.

No they actually were involved, That’s what’s called being an accessory and I’m not talking about fashion.

All suspects face charges for false imprisonment and battery. Three of them were charged with kidnapping because, the sheriff’s office said, they forced Lindsay into a car and drove her to another location after the beating.

No word yet if they’ll be charged as adults but they should be.

Thanks to my lovely and talented wife Jade for the tip.