Man arrested in Naperville for soliciting teen through Kik

Chicago man arrested in Naperville on sex charges:

Carlos Lopez

Carlos Lopez

Back in the MySpace days Naperville, Illinois, was sort of an anomaly. It had an inordinate amount of MySpace creepers. Not as many as Connecticut but enough for me to take notice. I’d like to think that was the case because the Naperville police were on top of things. Well, it’s been a few years but we go back to Naperville for a story that’s a bit more modern but just as scary.

38-year-old Carlos Lopez of Chicago was arrested for allegedly soliciting a minor for sex through the messaging app Kik. Now for someone to get your kids’ Kik ID in most cases your kid would have to give it up. Kids have no problem with making their Kik IDs public. They figure since it’s not their cell number it’s safe to give out, but of course it isn’t. In this case the victim may have posted their Kik ID on the website/app Waplog. What’s Waplog you ask? I never heard of it until today either but it’s just another social network where anyone can meet strangers where the site/app has no regard for age. Basically it’s a MeetMe clone which there are way too many of these days.

It’s even more dangerous today for kids to be online than it was back in the MySpace years because of the smart phone apps out there. So now not only do parents have to worry about what their kids are doing on the computer but their smartphones too. Make sure you know what apps your kids have on their phones and who their friends are on these apps. Otherwise you’re just giving predators a way to reach your kids 24/7.