Another Texas MocoSpace molester


Parents detain man after catching him in 15-year-old’s bedroom:

Seriously, I don’t get it. MocoSpace is a mobile gaming social network that has been around since 2005. To my knowledge they never had a problem with child predators until late last year. Not only is the fourth story I’ve posted about an alleged predator on MocoSpace since November. Three of the stories have taken place in Texas.

For example our latest perp is 21-year-old Carlos Narvaez. He was found in the Houston, Texas bedroom of a 15-year-old girl by the girl’s mother. When the girl’s mom went to check on the daughter she allegedly found Narvaez in the act (read child rape) with the girl. When the girl’s stepfather heard all the commotion he kept Narvaez in a headlock until the police arrived.

It turns out that the girl met Narvaez met the girl through MocoSpace. The girl’s parents thought she was watching movies on her laptops in her room but instead was communicating with Narvaez.

First off as I’ve said many times no child no matter how much you think you can trust them should ever be left alone with any internet enabled device without supervision. If you do it’s like leaving a window to their lives open to every predator and we know how much these scumbags like to climb through windows be it virtually or the real thing. Secondly it seems that Texas is to MocoSpace as Pennsylvania is to MeetMe.