Facebook lynch mob II

Anti-rapist Facebook site gone:

It seems that Facebook lynch mobs are all the rage now…

A Facebook group where Carman residents discussed two recent sexual assaults has been removed from the Internet.

The group’s creator took it down last week when a story about the group and its discussions appeared in the Winnipeg Sun on June 12.

About 135 people joined the group titled “Kiss my ass, Carman Rapist.” Facebook is a social-networking website.

Group members speculated about the identity of the suspect or suspects, naming at least two individuals. RCMP warned people the information could be harmful to people’s reputations and the ongoing police investigation.

This is why I don’t dabble in armchair sleuthing. There are people who are very good and professional at it like Steve Huff. However Steve and some others from the crime blogging community are the minority. Most armchair sleuths, if taken seriously, do more harm than good.