19-year-old charged in 2-month-old’s death

Salem Baby Found Dead, Mother Arrested:

Police in Salem, Ore. arrested 19-year-old Carrie E. Noe for allegedly killing her two-month-old son, Ian Noe.

Police have not yet released the cause of death but I wanted to talk about a quote given by an Oregon Police spokesman.

“It’s tragic,” Birr said. “It’s tragic that a 2-month-old boy is dead and it’s tragic that a 19-year-old woman has a life that will never be the same.”

I partially disagree. Of course it’s tragic that a 2-month-old boy never got to really experience life but it’s not tragic that if the charges are true that her life will never be the same. It shouldn’t ever be the same and it should encompass a tiny concrete room with bars.