Casey Anthony to appeal lying convictions

U Jelly?

U Jelly?

Casey Anthony will appeal lying convictions:

As we all know Casey Anthony is set to be released from jail in just a few scant hours. What has mostly escaped national attention is that on Friday she filed to appeal her convictions for lying to police.

Think about that for a second. Not only was she not convicted in the death of Caylee Anthony but she was also not convicted on aggravated child abuse charges. If this appeal is successful she’ll have been convicted of nothing.

The 'Let's bitch about Casey Anthony' post

This is the face of injustice.

This is the face of injustice.

As we all know by now Casey Anthony was found not guilty of both first degree murder and aggravated manslaughter in the death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. What’s even worse is that she was found not guilty of aggravated child abuse. To be found not guilty of all 3 of those charges is a great miscarriage of justice. Way to go Florida. Another reason for me to hate you.

After Anthony serves her time for the lying to police charge I’m pretty sure she’ll end up back in jail again. That will be after her failed reality show and the porn video which I’m sure will come out.

Also that smug douchebag Baez will now be the new Johnnie Cochran and his rat face is going to be all over TV for years to come.

Nothing about this outcome is right.

Feel free to bitch but any direct threats will be deleted.

No Casey Anthony here

Casey Anthony

I don’t have many rules here at (P)BB. The only one I can think of is the no posting of Facebooks rule. However with her trial quickly approaching I remembered another rule I instituted some years ago. There will be no Casey Anthony posts here.

I did once post about Casey Anthony but once the case started attracting psychic scam artists, bounty hunters and Nancy Grace (spit) I decided at that time that this was no longer a story I wanted to cover.

However since readers have requested it I’ll do the next best thing without breaking my own rule. If you go to Trials and Tribulations you’ll find all the Casey Anthony information you’ll need. Tell ’em Trench sent you.

And yes I have no doubt that she’s guilty.

Win her over with chloroform, more Casey Anthony shenanigans

Anthony lawyer wants more info about ex-boyfriend:

In the almost nine years that I’ve been writing about crime I’ve read about some stupid lawyers that have made some pretty ridiculous claims. However I think Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, may just take the cake in that category.

Baez has filed a motion seeking more information for an alleged ex-boyfriend of Anthony, one Ricardo Morales. The reason that Baez wants information on Morales is that Morales had a picture on his MySpace that said “win her over with chloroform.” A Google Image Search for the picture turns it up on various websites.

It’s more than likely not a picture that Mr. Morales made himself. It’s one of those pictures that’s spread around the internet that people post on their MySpaces or blogs because they find it humorous in a dark way.

This is nothing more than Baez grasping at straws trying to find anything that would deflect guilt away from his client. It’s not working.

PBB 2008 Year (not quite) in review

My awesome boss at b5media has suggested that I should do a year in review type of post. Unfortunately I’ve only been running this blog since November so it would be a pretty short year.

Now I know some of you are looking forward to voting for bad parent of the year but like I said since I’ve only been doing this blog since November I’m not up to speed on all the bad parenting stories of the year. However I think we would all agree and that a vote would be no contest that bad parent of the year would have to be Casey Anthony with her crazy mom Cindy as a runner up.

But I’m not here to talk about Casey Anthony as I have sworn not to become part of the media and blogging circus that This case has become. I’m here to talk about what I think was the story of 2008 and that would be the disappearance of Giovanni Gonzalez.

This case is eerily similar to the disappearance of Caylee Anthony. Back in August 8-year-old Giovanni of Lynn, Mass. was to have spent the weekend with his father, Ernesto Gonzalez. When it came time for his father to drop him off at his home he didn’t show up. So Giovanni’s mother went to Ernesto Gonzalez’s home and he said that he didn’t know where Giovanni is. So now Ernesto Gonzalez sits in a jail cell refusing to cooperate with police. At one point Ernesto Gonzalez told the Boston Globe that he did kill Giovanni and dismembered his body but police have said that confession was bogus. As of yet Giovanni has not been found.

Another reason why I’ve picked this as my story of the year and my main cause for this site is the lack of coverage that this story has received outside of the Boston area. Fellow crime blogs Dreamin’ Demon and Shadow Scope, among others, have also blogged about Giovanni Gonzalez with little to no attention paid to the story. So why have there been no Nancy Graces or Greta Van Susterns rushing to Boston to cover this story? I mean when this story started there were two children missing with two parents in jail refusing to cooperate. Is it because Giovanni is a boy? Is it because Ernesto Gonzalez is male? Or is it the obvious, the fact that Giovanni Gonzalez is Hispanic?

I think that subconsciously people are basing this on race. For example over at my other b5media blog MyCrimeSpace I posted a short entry about Casey Anthony’s Facebook and I received more comments than I have for all of my posts about Giovanni Gonzalez combined. When was the last time the major news networks focused on the disappearance of a minority child? Yet the Jon Benet Ramsey story still makes major headlines and Casey Anthony makes daily headlines. What else could it possibly be if it’s not race? As a country we had no problem electing a minority President yet we could still give a rat’s ass about a missing Hispanic boy. It makes no sense.

Here’s to a 2009 where I hope as a country and a society we start caring about all missing children.

Casey Anthony’s Facebook…again

Does facebook play a role in Caylee Anthony’s disappearance?:

From the ridiculous to the sublime. The Casey Anthony story still keeps getting the fine tooth comb treatment from the media. This time it’s about Facebook again.

Apparently some woman from Ontario (not sure if that’s Canada or not) has contacted Orlando police stating that Casey Anthony’s Facebook had a message that said she lost some duct tape that she borrowed from a friend.

As I’m sure most of you know a child’s body that could be Caylee Anthony was found in a trash bag wrapped with duct tape.

I’m not saying this isn’t a significant find that could help put Casey Anthony away for life or am I detracting from the woman’s find. I’m just so sick of the media saturation of this case while another missing child by the name of Giovanni Gonzalez goes almost unheard. Maybe if Giovanni received this kind of media attention then people from other countries could find clues for his disappearance too.

The Casey Anthony Addiction

Man Becomes Internet Celebrity By Following Caylee Case In TV Truck:

Is this how pathetic we’ve become as a society?

“There are people out there who are literally addicted to Caylee,” Murtaugh said. “The commercial media cannot provide everything we want. We want more. We’re addicted to it,” Murtaugh said.

Yet outside of Boston Giovanni Gonzalez gets almost no press. It’s a handful of bloggers, AMW and that’s it.

I know I’ve broken my Casey Anthony promise twice today but this just pisses me off.

Casey Anthony sues fake baby sitter

Mother of Missing Toddler Countersues ‘Baby Sitter’ Who Filed Defamation Lawsuit Against Her:

I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about Casey Anthony. However this is the part of the story that fascinates me.

For weeks Cindy and Casey Anthony kept insisting that Caylee was taken by a baby sitter by the name of Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez. I kept saying that if the Anthonys keep trotting that name out they’re going to get sued by somebody with that name. And they were.

Now Casey Anthony is countersuing Ms. Gonzlaez. You would think that she would have more pressing matters to attend to yet here we are.

Let’s hear from Casey’s hugable attorney Jose Baez…

Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez countersued Gonzalez Friday on the grounds that her lawsuit is “frivolous” and simply a publicity stunt by her lawyer, reported.

Baez said Gonzalez filed her litigation “to harass and embarrass” Anthony, and her attorney John Morgan is attempting to “generate publicity for his law firm.”

“The Zenaida Gonzalez that Ms. Anthony was referring to drove a different car; she had a different name and she had less [sic] children than the plaintiff has,” the counter claim says. “In Orange County, Florida, alone, there are more than 20 listings for a Zenaida Gonzalez, and the plaintiff cannot prove that she has been defamed.”

Mr. Baez better watch his mouth before 19 more lawsuits come flying in. Then again it’s hard to be sued by somebody that Casey Anthony made up.

Casey Anthony can be convicted without a body

Trying Caylee’s mom harder without a body:

I know I said I wouldn’t post about Casey Anthony anymore but this is an issue that drives me insane.

I can’t stand it when everyone and their grandmother claims that you can’t convict without a body. While risky it’s not impossible and more common that you think.

Off the top of my head I can name two cases where people were convicted without a body. The first is Tom Capano. The body of Ann Marie Fahey was never found. The second one that comes to recent memory was that of Hans Resier. All of his supporters claimed that you can’t convict without the body of his wife Nina. After he was convicted he led police to his wife’s body.

There’s another case that the names of those involved escape me at this time but basically a guy from New Orleans went around bragging about killing a girl who no one even knew existed. Prosecutors in N.O. were able to convict him as well.

I think the Caylee Anthony disappearance fits very well next to those other cases. The only thing that will free Casey Anthony is if Caylee shows up alive and well. I think the odds of that happening are slim and none and slim just left.

Casey Anthony gets sued and I called it

Woman named Zenaida Gonzalez suing Casey Anthony:

I knew I said I wouldn’t post about the Casey Anthony circus anymore but this story was too good to pass up.

Remember how Casey Anthony maintained that the last person she saw Caylee with was a baby sitter named Zenaida Gonzalez? At the time she and Cindy Anthony kept saying that I said that they better be careful because someone with that name is likely to sue them. Behold my prognostical powers…

If it turns out that Casey was the only one responsible for Caylee’s disappearance Cindy is probably going to be sued by every Zenaida Gonzalezes in Florida or at least have a restraining order slapped on her.

So it was written, so it has come to pass…more or less.

A woman caught up in the case of missing 3-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony is suing the girl’s mother saying she was defamed, her lawyer confirmed this evening.

Zenaida Gonzalez, 37, of Kissimmee, was falsely named by Caylee’s mother as the missing girl’s babysitter, even though they’ve never met. Mother Casey Anthony said she last saw her daughter with a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez in mid-June. Caylee was reported missing in July.

Since news of the missing girl broke, the Kissimmee woman has been threatened, Morgan said, and people nationwide consider her a suspect in the case.

Really? There are people still out there that think Casey Anthony is innocent. Then again there are people who believe Elvis is still alive.

Anyway I hope Ms. Gonzalez gets a shit ton of money out of this.

Sweet Lady Justice, let’s make out.