Fla. woman deals coke around kids

Mom deals cocaine with toddler in tow:

First off take a look at that mugshot. Can you believe she’s only 26-years-old? You have to wonder what she did to her own body to look twice her age.

Anyway that’s 26-year-old Casey Lee Dudley of Port Charlotte, Florida. She was arrested for dealing coke out of her house. Police say that she sold coke to undercover detectives twice. Once while her one-year-old daughter was around and another time when a three-year-old was there.

Detectives say they found 2.0 grams of powder cocaine, numerous plastic baggies, a digital scale, and four plastic straws, all with cocaine residue.

They also found Roxicodone pills in her purse.

What’s Roxicodone? Is that like Oxycodone for Scooby Doo?

No word if the kids have been removed from the home.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.