Guy who works for IT company turned in by his employer for trolling for boys on craigslist


Man Charged with Having Sex with Pine Township Teen He Met through Craigslist Ad:

52-year-old Mark Doncic of Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania worked for an IT company in the Pittsburgh area. You would think that someone who worked for an IT company would be smart enough to know that his web habits at work would be monitored. Not him apparently.

Docnic has been arrested for allegedly having sex, again child rape, with a 15-year-old boy that he met on craigslist.

Docnic’s employer is the one who not only contacted law enforcement but they went straight to the FBI and provided them with only God knows how much incriminating information. The FBI says they also corroborated that information by analyzing the victim’s phone.

Parents, again if you haven’t figured it out by now, your kids have no business being in craigslist at any time. You never know when they may become the rape victim of a creepy IT guy.