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Guy who tried to have his wife raped through craigslist is sentenced

TF Man Sentenced in Craigslist Rape Case:

Twin Falls man sentenced for solicitation of rape:

Justin Crawford

Justin Crawford

In 2012 Justin Crawford of Twin Falls, Idaho, posted ads on craigslist posing as his wife advertising that she had a rape fantasy. Two men on separate occasions tried to rape her. One was able to wrest her gun away from her before leaving while the other was held at gunpoint by the victim until police arrived. Thankfully neither were able to rape her.

Crawford was recently sentenced for solicitation of rape and it wasn’t much of a sentence. He could spend 10 years in prison if the judge deems it necessary after he completes psychological treatment by the State of Idaho. So in theory after the program he could walk off a free man.

Crawford claims that this was all an elaborate suicide plot caused by his PTSD from serving in the National Guard overseas. He says he thought his wife would care less about him and would make it easier for him to commit suicide. Personally I think it’s a load of crap. He wouldn’t be the first guy to get his jollies from seeing his wife raped by a stranger from craigslist. I think he’s using PTSD as an excuse but hey, I’m not a judge. If I was he’d be going away for a long time.

To me he’s just another prototypical example of the kind of scum that infest craigslist while craigslist refuses to do anything about it. What makes it worse is the people who turn a blind eye to these crimes and still support craigslist like it’s some kind of community outreach program. It’s not, it’s still dirty and still in need of cleaning up.

Craigslist robber accused of killing accomplice

Police: Alleged Craigslist robber killed accomplice for talking too much:

William McRae

William McRae

Here’s another story that I’m woefully behind on and yet another craigslist killing although this one is a little different.

Back in December William H. McRae of Long Pond, Pennsylvania was charged with the murder of 20-year-old Brandon Fraser. Back in July police say that the pair lured an unsuspecting man into a robbery using a casual encounters ad posing as an 18-year-old female looking for no strings sex. I’m beginning to feel that guys who respond to these ads get what they deserve but I digress. It wasn’t their victim that was killed although he was beaten and robbed of his cellphone, cash and what was left of his dignity.

They would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling kids…I mean Fraser’s mouth. According to reports Fraser was bragging about the robbery and McRae allegedly felt he needed to go. So McRae is said to have lured him to a secluded spot where he shot Fraser in the head. McRae is being held without bail.

So we have a few morals from this tale. The first is it doesn’t matter what side of the craigslist crime you’re on you can still end up dead, the hot girl from craigslist doesn’t really want you (or exist) and craigslist really needs to either moderate or get rid of the casual encounters section. They won’t though since they got rid of the erotic services section the casual encounters section is what drives the most traffic to the site and they won’t moderate it because they can’t be bothered.

UPDATE 3/38/2014: Apparently there was an actual woman who was used as the bait. Her name is Emily Woodman and she has recently pleaded guilty to her role in the robbery.

Pennsylvania Priest charged with being craigslist creeper

Priest accused of sex with minor moved often, once counseled troubled youths:

Rev. William Jeffery Paulish

Rev. William Jeffery Paulish

This guy couldn’t be any more of a stereotype if he tried. 56-year-old Rev. William Jeffery Paulish, a Roman Catholic priest, was recently arrested in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area when he was allegedly caught in his car with a 15-year-old boy who had no pants on when police arrived.

Apparently priests are no different than other creepers when it comes to telling bullshit stories to the cops…

At first, the Rev. Paulish claimed he had been meandering around the campus, stuck on a homily he was crafting. He met the boy by chance and tried to counsel him, as he was in emotional distress, he explained.

Add that to the list of ‘just hanging out’ and ‘just wanted to talk’.

According to police he later admitted posting an ad on craigslist in the casual encounters section and tried playing the ‘he said he was 18’ routine.

Priests and any other clergy, Catholic or otherwise, along with teachers and cops should get even more severe sentences for child molestation. These are positions of trust and to violate that trust with the public calls for more retribution and justice.

Guy who tried to have his wife raped through craigslist pleads guilty

Twin Falls Man Pleads Guilty in Craigslist Rape Solicitation Case:

Guardsman pleads to Craigslist ad soliciting wife’s rape:

Justin Crawford

Justin Crawford

33-year-old Justin Crawford of Twin Falls, Idaho was arrested last year for soliciting the rape of his wife through craigslist. Luckily she was not raped however two men on separate occasions did make their way into the house to try. One wrestled a gun away from her while the other she held at gunpoint until police arrived. Crawford posed as his wife telling these two men that she was into rape fantasies and that they should do it no matter how much she fights back.

Late last year Crawford rejected a plea deal that would have seen him get 10 to 15 behind bars. Last week Crawford must have thought better of it and decided to plead guilty. Crawford is a member of the Idaho National Guard and his defense was going to be that he suffers from PTSD. While it may be true that he does suffer from PTSD I don’t see how that would cause him to craft such an elaborate plan to have his wife raped. He’s still looking at the 10-15 years and may not be sentenced until next year.

As I’ve mentioned before Crawford is not the first person to solicit someone’s rape through craigslist or as I call it rape by proxy. Hell, he’s not even the first guy to try to have his wife raped. Unfortunately the first guy to do that succeeded. Still craigslist continues to go on without being moderated and continues to attract any number of sexual predators without any kind of backlash. On top of that there are still people out there who think craigslist is completely safe and trustworthy. I would think that Crawford’s victim would say otherwise.

TX craigslist creeper was looking for ‘Teen girl$’

Randolph Brian Stringer

Randolph Brian Stringer

Humble man accused of allegedly luring underage girls through Craigslist ad:

The human potato over there is 32-year-old Randolph Brian Stringer of Humble, Texas. He was arrested earlier this month for allegedly trying to solicit sex from a teen through an ad he placed in the casual encounters section of craigslist. According to police Stringer’s ad was entitled ‘Teen girl$ – m4w – 35 (Humble)’ and the ad itself contained the following…

“I’m looking for an eager, fun, young lady to spend some time with me. Contact with pictures asap. The younger the better please.”

Again, ick.

String was contacted by a 15-year-old girl. Stringer said that he wanted to buy the girl a pre-paid cell phone, a classic child predator trick. He also told the girl that he would teach her how to be intimate with a man.

Double ick.

Of course the girl was a member of the Harris County High Tech Crimes Unit. They monitor craigslist for ads like this in their area. Let me repeat that. The local police monitor craigslist ads. I don’t think this is the community policing that craigslist has in mind. If police departments across the country are monitoring their website and they aren’t then there is an obvious problem that craigslist continues to choose to ignore.

Stringer allegedly admitted to police that he had met other girls through craigslist. Again, when potato faced scumbags like this are caught it usually isn’t their first rodeo. Also sleep well Humble, Texas Mr. Potato Head here is out on bond.

Guy who tried to have his wife raped through craigslist rejects plea deal

Justin Crawford

Justin Crawford

Man who allegedly solicited men to rape his wife through Craigslist rejects plea:

Justin Crawford is the guy from Twin Falls, Idaho who allegedly tried to have his wife raped by placing ads on craigslist posing as his wife saying she was into rape fantasies. This resulted in two men on two different instances showing up to their house to try to rape her.

I’ve detailed before how stupid I think he is and how stupid his plan was, not to mention downright abhorrent. Well, the stupidity doesn’t end there. Recently Crawford rejected a plea deal that would have seen him get 10-15 years in prison. That’s a bargain for a scumbag like this if you ask me. I wouldn’t be surprised if this moron tried to defend himself at trial. By all means, go right ahead. I only hope against hope that after he’s convicted he receives a lot more time than 15 years.

Again this highlights the need for craigslist to moderate their site for twisted cowards like this. Yet people still use the site like there’s no danger at all and I keep pushing this rock uphill.

Guy who tried to have his wife raped through craigslist released

Justin Crawford

Justin Crawford

Alleged Craigslist Rape Solicitor Released:

You remember 32-year-old Justin Crawford of Twin Falls, Idaho don’t you? In case you don’t He’s the twisted scumbag who allegedly got not one but two men to show up at his house in an attempt to rape his wife. Crawford posed as his wife on craigslist and convinced two dumbasses to come to his house thinking that Crawford’s wife was looking for a rape fantasy. Well, sleep tight Twin Falls because he’s been released from jail. Not just released but released on his own recognizance.

State prosecutors agreed to the release on the condition that Crawford follow court compliance instructions and that he seek treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Seriously? Apparently the Idaho prosecutors must be smoking potatoes to let this guy out on the pretense that he behaves himself. His PTSD may be legitimate since he did do a tour in Iraq with the National Guard but so what? Do you think his wife is not possibly having PTSD after two strangers show up in her house with the intent of raping her so her fucked up husband can get his fucked up jollies?

This is beyond disgusting and if Crawford rabbits or finds himself in legal trouble again these prosecutors should do his time along with him.

Is anybody held responsible for anything anymore?

UPDATE 10/21/2012: Crawford has pleaded not guilty.

ID man charged with setting up attempted rape of his wife on craigslist

Justin Crawford

Justin Crawford

Man arrested after sexual assault ad on Craigslist:

Rape ad sparks 2 attempts on woman — and charges against husband:

Police: Attempted Rape was Planned through Craigslist:

32-year-old Justin Crawford of Twin Falls, Idaho was arrested recently after two separate men attempted to rape his wife. The first guy showed up at their house and she managed to retrieve a gun. The assailant was able to get the gun away from her and fled. The second guy was found by police in the woman’s home being held at gunpoint by her.

When police questioned the second suspect he allegedly said that he was responding to a craigslist ad in the casual encounters section from a woman interested in a ‘rape fantasy’. When investigators searched the 2nd suspect’s cell phone they discovered that Crawford was the one allegedly exchanging e-mails with the two would be rapists.

So who do you think is more stupid in this case? Crawford for not only allegedly setting up the rape of his wife TWICE knowing that police would have to be involved at some point and also knowing that there are guns in the house and she knows how to use them or the two dipshits who actually believed that a woman who supposedly wanted a rape fantasy would announce it to the world on craiglist.

Listen up idiots. Women on craigslist aren’t real and even if they are they probably have more critters on them than a West Atlantic City hotel mattress.

Sadly this is not the first or even the second case of craigslist rape by proxy that I’ve posted about. The first one that sticks out in my mind is the yet to be named husband from Kannapolis, North Carolina whose wife was actually allegedly raped by Rodney Liverman. The other one was Jebidiah James Stipe of Twentynine Palms, California who set up the rape of his ex-girlfriend in Wyoming by Ty Oliver McDowell.

Will this be the tipping point for craigslist in the media? Will this finally be a call to the country that craigslist is still far from cleaned up? Will this be the catalyst that causes craigslist to finally monitor their own sleazy site? Somehow I get the feeling that the answer to all of those questions is, I seriously doubt it.

Thanks to Shannon for the tip.

David Sparre sentenced to death

David Sparre

David Sparre

Craigslist killer sentenced to death for Jacksonville slaying:

Today a judge in Jacksonville, Florida sentenced 20-year-old David Sparre to death for the brutal stabbing murder of Tiara Pool. Sparre met Ms. Pool through a craigslist personal ad and stabbed her roughly 90 times when they went back to her place.

In a letter to his ex-girlfriend Sparre detailed that it was his intent all along to kill someone. Ms. Pool was just his unfortunate victim.

Previously in this very site family members of Sparre had defended him and tried blaming the victim for what happened. Not surprisingly I haven’t heard from them in a while.

Unfortunately with the way the system is his sentence won’t be carried out soon enough.

David Sparre admits that he enjoyed killing Tiara Pool in jailhouse letter

David Sparre

David Sparre

Jacksonville Craigslist killer: ‘I enjoyed it and I hope to do it again’:

Recently the Florida Times Union of Jacksonville, Florida obtained a jailhouse letter written by David Sparre. As you may know Sparre was convicted in the brutal stabbing murder of 21-year-old Tiara Pool. Sparre met Pool through a personal ad on craigslist. Now it turns out that Ms. Pool was just a victim of convenience.

In the letter that Sparre sent to his ex-girlfriend he claims that he planned the murder at least a week in advance. He also bragged about how he thought he was smarter than the police and thought he could outsmart them because he was good with cleaning up crime scenes. He also claims he had the perfect alibi in taking his grandmother to the hospital.

What shocked even me was how callously he talks about murders and not just the murder of Tiara Pool. Sparre claims that he had shot and killed someone else prior to Tiara’s murder but said he wanted to experience stabbing someone. He then goes into detail about how he killed her and not only how much he enjoyed it but how he had hoped to do it again.

What does explain some things is that in the letter Sparre claims to me a member of the infamous Crips gang. He said his first alleged murder was his initiation into the gang. Towards the end of his letter he also talks about his Crip brothers. Whether he has an actual gang affiliation or is just a gangsta wanna be remains to be seen however either scenario would explain why someone facing the death penalty would get the teardrop tattoos and the idiotic shaved eyebrows before his trial. ‘

Also in one of my previous posts about Sparre several of his family members claimed the he was framed and tried blaming the victim since she was a married mother of one. I’d love to hear what they have to say now about their family member since he said that “After she quit fighting, I tilted her head back and sliced her throat. I’m not even going to lie. I enjoyed it and I hope to do it again.”

The letter itself can be read courtesy of the Florida Times Union.

Craiglist killer letter